Case Studies

Satin Creditcare goes mobile with 42Gears UEM Suite

Satin Creditcare used SureMDM and SureLock from 42Gears UEM. With the help of SureMDM, SCNL field agents can securely access documents on their mobile devices, upload and share contract documents conveniently. Also, 42Gears UEM enables the admin to easily manage all the device and track whether it is online or offline.
SureLock’s lockdown mode prevents the field agents to tamper with the device settings or download unauthorized apps, saving on unnecessary mobile data costs. It ensures that users can access only the whitelisted business applications and restricts device misuse costs.

alkem cs

42Gears products helped Alkem reduce Mobility Management Spending

Alkem provides Android tablets with a pre-installed sales application to their medical representatives. These tablets are used by the representatives to give product presentations to doctors and physicians. Tablets help to increase the interactions between the medical reps and physicians, resulting in highly engaging demos. Tablets also help in circulating new product information to medical representatives, as content can be directly pushed to the devices, irrespective of their location.

How Yelp Eat24 reduced their tablet support and management overhead costs by 66%

With help of 42Gears, Eat24 remotely updates newer versions of their app on all of their managed tablets with just a few clicks. When a user reports an issue, Eat24’s support agents can remotely troubleshoot and fix the problem using SureMDM’s screen sharing and control feature. Besides faster provisioning, application management, and remote troubleshooting, Eat24 also sought the security and convenience of Single Sign On (SSO) functionality in SureMDM.

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42Gears Locks Down Byju’s Student Devices

Byju’s was on the lookout for a kiosk lockdown solution that would lock down tablets for academic use and the company’s proprietary study material was protected from copy or distribution. Byju’s selected SureLock by 42Gears to lock down its tablets. SureLock’s comprehensive advanced features ensure that the K12 app runs on single application mode and students are unable to access any unauthorized applications and content. Robust, flexible and easy-to-use 42Gears EMM suite products seamlessly integrated into the service provider’s workflow, with a very low learning curve for technicians and administrators.

42Gears Improves Functionality of Dubai Technologies’ Fleet Management Solution

Dubai Technologies (DT) uses Android smartphones to offer custom made fleet management mobility software, managed using 42Gears’ EMM suite. The company has over 20 years of experience in providing smart and technological solutions to businesses, communities and helping them to improve operations and streamlining processes.

Dubai Technologies banner
Portage Volunteer Fire Company Preview

42Gears Helps Portage Volunteer Fire Company Configure Tablets for Emergency Service Use

The fire company was on the lookout for a kiosk lockdown solution that would allow only ‘approved’ applications such as Rover app to show on their business-use tablets. After some market research, they reached out to 42Gears as they were keen to try SureLock. The solution not only helped them run their tablets with whitelisted applications, they were also able to ensure that device system settings couldn’t be accessed.

42Gears Improves Field Job Allocation for Leading Satellite Service Provider

The satellite service company receives multiple customers calls on a daily basis, requiring field technicians to make residence or office visits. Technicians have to be on-call to handle customer requirements such as new connection setups, troubleshoot problems or update new configurations. Field agents are provided smartphones for logging into the company web management console and access job details on the move.

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Hydrauvision Implements 42Gears Mobility Solution to Improve Customer Service and Retention

Hydrauvision is an expert player in Hydraulic Drive industry. It operates in a vast array of industrial sectors where drive technology plays a pivotal role. Hydrauvision designs builds and realizes turnkey systems for the most complex issues with a combination of high-quality engineering, inventiveness, and perseverance.

SureMDM helped in the remote execution of mobile device management features like Device Enrollment, Device Provisioning, Device Health Monitoring, Device Security, and Location Tracking, while SureLock reinforced strict lock down techniques on the devices which restricted the field technicians to only prescribed enterprise apps, and hence, improved individual throughput and overall business performance.

Leading Healthcare Provider relies on 42Gears EMM for securing data and devices

Working in the healthcare division comes with its own share of challenges. But 42Gears was able to meet all client requirements with responsive tech support. By staying open to suggestions on enhancements for products based on their deployment, a strong comradery was struck between one of the biggest corporations in the healthcare business and one of the leaders in EMM solution provider.

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Commercial Ready Mix Products, Inc., and 42Gears enhance driver productivity with a secure and agile tablet solution

Commercial Ready Mix Products, Inc. is a diversified ready mix concrete producer. It is headquartered in Winton, NC and has over 40 years of experience in the concrete industry. With over twelve ready mix plants located in North Carolina and Virginia, CRMP Inc. serves its customers by utilizing the latest technology and equipment in the industry.

SureMDM remote support allowed CRMP Inc. to help diagnose and troubleshoot problems faced by its employees in the field. This has allowed the company’s IT team to document and work on issues without having to travel for hours to help drivers in remote areas. Additionally, being able to push various updates remotely and by not having to manually gather devices from the field and individually updating before returning them back to the field helped saved time and effort.

RedTaxi gets an edge over its competitors with a mobile app and 42Gears products

RedTaxi is a luxury cab service in South India founded by a group of budding entrepreneurs. Started in June 2012, RedTaxi is on its way to becoming an efficient and successful service. Currently, it has a fleet of more than 600 cabs. Its motto “purely business class” speaks for itself, and is an indication of the amazing on road experience it provides.

With SureLock, RedTaxi now has a modern system of taxi service which provides its customers an enhanced experience. The drivers are equipped with the latest smartphones, which have made them a lot more efficient and RedTaxi does not have to worry about misuse of smartphones or tampering of device settings anymore.


A2D24, South Africa manages the visibility and availability of ambulances on the streets with 42Gears

A2D24 is a fast-growing start-up that designs and deploys quick solutions to its customers’ most demanding issues. A2D24 solves real life problems using technology. A2D24 was set up in the year 2015 in Gauteng, South Africa and has assisted customers in the private and public sector.

With 42Gears help, A2D24 is able to reduce response times in ambulances. Tablets deployed in the ambulances cannot be misused with SureLock on them. There is no risk of huge mobile bills. SureMDM with its remote control feature has helped A2D24 resolve all device issues remotely.

TruckSumo goes mobile with a quick go-to market solution from 42Gears

TruckSumo is an on-demand platform for small commercial vehicles. It aggregates these vehicles and instantly connects them to businesses and individuals in need of local transportation. In a space littered with multiple disorganized vendors, TruckSumo was conceptualized to cut through the clutter and bring reliability into the goods transportation experience. With specially trained drivers, safety-screened vehicles and free insurance, they bring an unprecedented level of professionalism to Indian transportation.

With the implementation of SureLock, TruckSumo was able to launch its product quickly and helped them save costs on the tech team. SureLock also gave TruckSumo full control over applications installed on smartphones and made it easier for drivers to learn how to use a smartphone with limited icons. This has resulted in TruckSumo saving a considerable amount of money on cellular bandwidth and device maintenance.


Innovative Trials enables automated mobile device management for a large clinical research organization

Innovative Trials is a full-service provider of first-class patient recruitment and retention solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Contract Research Organizations (CRO). They offer custom-made solutions tailored to the exact needs of all kinds of studies. Their clients range from small independents to large multinationals, single country studies to large international programs.

Innovative Trial was able to deliver a robust lockdown and management setup to their customers within the required time. Since the initial rollout, they have already received additional requests which are now easy and quick to operate with remote management.

Gore Nitrogen improves driver efficiency and safety by delivering tamper-proof tablet solution with help from SureLock and SureMDM

Gore Nitrogen maintains a quality reputation in the industrial, pipeline, and oil field service industries. Since its inception in 2001, Gore Nitrogen has experienced a steady growth. Located in, and primarily serving the mid-continental area, Gore Nitrogen has positioned itself for continued growth in the future.

SureLock and SureMDM  have solved the problem Gore Nitrogen was facing as they offered all the features needed to secure, lockdown and remotely monitor drivers' devices. Gore Nitrogen now do not have to worry about its drivers being distracted and be ensured that the drivers use only the apps they need to perform their job functions. This has resulted in Gore Nitrogen saving a considerable amount of money on cellular bandwidth and device maintenance.


Heritage Park enriches visitor experience with Windows POS Systems powered by 42Gears products

Heritage Park Historical Village is Canada’s largest living history museum, with hundreds of exhibits, rides, shops, restaurants and daily demonstrations and activities to keep the young and the young-at-heart captivated. The park has grown into one of Calgary’s premier tourist attractions and one of North America’s largest and most successful living history museums.

With the help of SureLock for Windows, they are able to control and manage user experience on all the POS systems. Heritage Park Historical Village witnessed an immediate improvement in the efficiency and satisfaction of guests visiting the Heritage Park village.

Instacom, South Africa reduces device-support effort by half with help from 42Gears products

Instacom, a South Africa-based Telecommunications Company and a pioneer of Push-to-Talk (PTT), delivers the only reliable and approved PTT telecommunication solution to the South African market, offering a new style of communication at the push of a button.

Instacom found the combination of SureLock and SureMDM as the perfect solution for their requirements. SureLock provides the most comprehensive lockdown for Android devices. With it Instacom was able to convert their general purpose Android devices into dedicated devices. SureMDM provided device management features like monitoring, tracking and software distribution.


Learnpedia makes preparation for professional entrance exams fun with interactive digital content and 42Gears products

Learnpedia is an edu-tech company that promises to make learning a fun and fascinating experience for students preparing to write various competitive exams. Its flagship product ScoreJEE is already redefining preparation for IIT-JEE. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Learnpedia is promoted by seasoned academicians with deep rooted understanding of the test-prep industry and a compelling passion to nurture next-gen talent.

SureLock's password protected settings and advance lockdown features like disabling Safe Mode and USB usage proved to be tailor-made solution for Learnpedia. Learnpedia is now assured that the students’ tablets are locked and secured. Students now are restricted from misusing them which has ensured higher focus on learning using the learning materials and supporting educational apps.

42Gears and Rees Hotels enhance guest experience with latest in-room technology

The Rees Hotel Queenstown is one of the most luxurious hotels in Queenstown, New Zealand and is considered the new gateway to the True South. They offer chic five star accommodation on the edge of Lake Wakatipu with panoramic views to The Remarkables Mountains.

The Rees’ implementation team has utilized SureFox to secure and personalise tablets for their guest rooms. They have password protected the device and lockdown settings so that only the administrators can access and change browser or lockdown settings. This has helped The Rees Hotel Queenstown in avoiding any downtime due to intentional or unintentional tampering with browser or device settings on the tablet.

The Rees Hotel Queenstown

Productive health workers and secured Android field tablets of Bandim Health Project with SureLock

Bandim Health Project (BHP) is a health and demographic surveillance system (HDSS) site situated in Guinea-Bissau.

BHP is formally placed under the National Institute of Public Health in Guinea-Bissau (INASA). BHP is a member of the Indepth Network, a global network of health and demographic surveillance system (HDSS) field sites in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

With SureLock, Bandim Health Project is assured of the security of the deployed tablets. Locked tablets are now very efficient and easily manageable with only relevant apps on the home screen. The health workers and research associates are now confined to use only allowed application for work-related purposes only. It has helped Bandim Health Project immensely in maintaining device health including battery consumption.

PickMe introduces a unique taxi-hailing solution in Sri Lanka with help of SureLock and SureMDM

PickMe is a taxi hailing service that reduces the daily taxi-riding-hassles including situations such as taxis not showing up on time, broken meters and arguments with the driver and lost luggage for passengers in Sri Lanka. Its mobile application - PickMe, a GPS and GIS based software helps passengers hail the closest taxi from anywhere in the island.

With use of SureLock and SureMDM, drivers are equipped with the latest smartphones which have made them a lot more efficient in terms of picking up customers and dropping them off at their destinations in quick time. PickMe is also equipped to attend to drivers' technical concerns remotely which has saved support costs.


Noovle improves mobility of Nomination SRL Sales Agents with help from SureLock and SureMDM

Noovle is a consulting firm specializing in ICT and Cloud Web services. The company was founded in June 2013 by the merger of Global Base and Scube NewMedia, the main Google for Work partner in Italy and leader in the integration of ICT and Cloud Solutions for companies and public administration.

SureLock and SureMDM helped Noovle deliver a comprehensive solution to Nomination SRL which aided in cutting down unnecessary costs related to reconfiguration of faulty tablets. Since the deployment of SureLock and SureMDM, Software performance and related activities have been stable and well protected. The effort and cost of supporting the devices has significantly come down allowing Nomination SRL to focus on core business activities.

Aerial Solutions goes mobile with tablets for its crew, secured with SureLock and SureFox

Aerial Solutions, Inc., a North Carolina based, family-owned business pioneered the use of helicopters for side trimming of rights-of-way in 1985. Aerial Solutions started as a one-ship operation and has since grown into a multi-helicopter operation working throughout the Eastern and Mid-Western United States.

SureLock and SureFox enabled Aerial Solutions, Inc. to have full control over applications installed on tablets to check malware invasion and prevent employees from using them for personal use. Having tablets in the field allowed Aerial Solutions crew to submit paperwork daily to its office instead of relying on weekly mailings via a mail service. This reduced shipping costs and allowed them to bill its customers on a timely basis.

Ariel Solutions

Taxibokning increases customer reach with lobby module using SureLock

Taxibokning is a taxi booking service available throughout Sweden. It provides unbiased taxi booking service and works with well-established taxi operators like Taxi Göteborg and Taxi Stockholm. Close to 100 recognized taxi companies across Sweden are connected to Taxibokning. Its service is designed mainly for organizations who want countrywide coverage, however private individuals can also use it to book a taxi.

SureLock solved the problem Taxibokning was facing as it covered all the features it needed and with the number of deployed tablets, it was cheaper for Taxibokning to use SureLock than to develop all the features themselves. With kiosks for taxi booking, Taxibokning was able to place its solution right where the business is.

Augmented in-store experience and increased sales with CloudTags, SureFox and SureMDM

CloudTags is an Atlanta-based data start-up working with brick-and-mortar retailers to connect their digital and physical customer experiences. CloudTags' technology allows in-store customers to create digital collections of everything they interact with by using location based devices that are provided by the retailer. 

The intuitive workflows of SureFox and SureMDM ensured that there was a very small effort in learning and subsequent deployment of CloudTags solution. The solution has ensured that while CloudTags' customers benefit from innovative use of tablets, they do not have to spend a lot of effort in protecting deployed tablets from misuse. They are now empowered to focus on the core business than worrying about safety and uptime of devices. 


Ever Africa fights crime in Tshwane, South Africa with Namola and SureLock

Ever Africa invests in ventures in the ICT space in Africa, with an emphasis on applications that have a positive social impact in the telecoms, media and security sectors. Their latest mobile app Namola, is a security application which aims at use of mobile technology to fight crimes in City of Tshwane. This free application has empowered GPS enabled Android smartphone or tablet users to directly send alerts to the nearest Tshwane Metro Police responders and request for assistance.

SureLock gave Ever Africa a comprehensive solution to ensure that all the devices were used only for the purpose it was intended for. It was key to the success of their project and helped them take a major step towards making a positive social impact.

ABC Supply Co., Inc. improves Proof of Delivery (POD) process and enforces safety with SureLock

ABC Supply Co., Inc. is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing in the United States and one of the nation's largest distributors of siding, windows and other select exterior building products, tools and related supplies. Since 1982, ABC Supply Co. has grown to become a national organization with more than 450 branches and other facilities in 44 states.

 ABC Supply Co. was able to setup SureLock on devices in no time. SureLock setup is now integrated with existing MDM solution making it more robust. The associates at ABC Supply Co. are more productive with SureLock on their phones. The effort to manage devices and settings has reduced, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiency for the company.


InfoPanama delivers a tamper proof tablet solution with SureLock and saves costs for Coop of Taxis in Canada

InfoPanama works in the Information Technology and Communications sector, particularly in the development, management and integration of IT solutions, as well as basic and applied research. Serving companies since 1994.

SureLock has saved a lot of money for InfoPanama's customer. Since the deployment of SureLock, the effort and cost of supporting the devices has significantly come down allowing their customers to focus on core business activities.

Election Administrators makes voting experience seamless with Mobile Election Technology and 42Gears SureLock

Election Administrators(EA) LLC is the leader in Mobile Election Technology. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, EA currently services over 180 counties within 14 states across the US. EA aims to provide simple, user-friendly, easy to train, cost-effective software that government employees can use and trust.

EA is now equipped to secure tablets with SureLock in very quick and efficient manner. Number of devices and distance are no longer a challenge. With SureLock, EA has been able to take the solution to its various customers and has made the polling process seamless and efficient.


How TLP Ventures benefited from our solutions?

TLP Ventures, a software development company focuses on writing software for mobile applications which are used for door to door enrollments especially in the energy sector. Digital Enrollment System is one of TLP Ventures's custom-software package that enables the Energy Companies to collect data in easy and effective way through use of tablets.

TLP Ventures implemented SureLock, SureFox and SureMDM for their mobile field workforce. Read on to know more about how TLP Ventures benefited from our lockdown solutions.

SureLock for Underbelly Squizzy Exhibition at Old Melbourne Gaol Museum in Melbourne, Australia

National Trust is an independent non-profit organisation, supported by a large community base. Since 1956 the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) has been actively working towards conserving and protecting heritage for future generations to enjoy. The National Trust runs 21 heritage sites and museums in Melbourne in Australia.

National Trust of Australia (Victoria) implemented SureLock for their much awaited Underbelly: Squizzy Exhibition. Read on to know more about how National Trust of Australia (Victoria) implemented our lockdown solutions.