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Wearable Management Solution

Support Wearable Computing Devices for Business Use
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Enterprises are recognizing wearables as a new major endpoint across industries, allowing enterprises to become more flexible and mobile. With some creativity, organizations can deploy wearables effectively in business operations, customer service, and other contexts. 

The speed at which enterprises embrace wearables depends on whether wearables can be easily enterprise-ready. 42Gears Wearable Management Solution acts as a comprehensive solution to manage possible risks of wearable adoption in a range of business scenarios. With the help of 42Gears, enterprises can track and manage wearable devices while still ensuring the security and privacy of each device. 

Benefits of Wearable Management Solution:

  1. Businesses can manage wearable devices remotely.
  2. Enterprises can monitor and manage wearable devices prioritizing the security and privacy of each device.
  3. Sends you notifications on usage and emergence situations.
  4. These devices can be tracked easily
  5. Proven to increase turnover and transform the way employees work, they improve your supply chain by setting a new standard of efficiency.
  6. Maximize workforce productivity

Possibilities with 42Gears Wearable Management Solution

The ability to manage, secure and control wearables through 42Gears EMM solution is a quantum leap that empowers enterprises to harness the potential of wearable devices in business.



  • Real time location tracking
  • Call and SMS log updates
  • Remote buzz device service


  • Remote file transfer
  • Send text message
  • Run script to send files
  • Run script to push/update apps


  • Lockdown wearable device
  • Whitelist applications
  • Restrict access to settings
  • Remote Wi-Fi SSID configuration
smart watch


  • Remotely Install Apps
  • Remotely Uninstall Apps
  • Remotely Upgrade Apps


  • Data usage notifications
  • Alerts on SIM change
  • Alerts on battery usage

Features Offered by Wearable Management Solution for Smartwatches

app whitelisting

App Allowlisting
Lockdown Android smartwatches directly with access to only approved applications. Password-protect Apple Watches and allow access to only approved applications (using policies enacted on the synced iOS device)


Location Tracking
Real-time location tracking and monitoring

Single application-mode

Enterprise Easy Messaging
Two-way messaging with broadcasting option

Device enrollment

Rapid Device Enrolment
Enroll devices in seconds with Import/Export settings options to perform bulk enrollment

Device status monitoring

Device Stats Monitoring
Remotely monitor and set device stats like battery, memory etc.

Remote settings

Remote Settings
Use local network to remotely configure or edit watch settings

Single Application mode

Single Application Mode
Lock Android smartwatches to allow just one application in the foreground

password protected settings

Password Protected Settings
Restrict the user from accessing and modifying lockdown or device settings

Enterprise Watch face

Enterprise Watch Face
Customize the watch face of Android smartwatches to build your enterprise’s brand


Customize UI
Customize Android smartwatches with desired wallpapers and other UI settings to promote your enterprise’s brand

Are you looking for a solution to monitor and manage your wearable devices?

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