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Case Study - Agribusiness

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A Better Way to Centralize and Enable Remote Device Management

Business Overview

Godrej Agrovet Limited is an Indian company that operates in the animal feed and agribusiness sectors. As a food and agri conglomerate, the company is dedicated to improving the productivity of Indian farmers by offering innovative products and services.

Challenges and Solution

Godrej Agrovet is on a mission to address India’s key agricultural crises. The company has deployed several handheld devices and tablets of various brands, including Samsung, Honeywell, and more, to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. However, the company was finding it difficult to centrally manage all the devices. The IT admins didn't know how to push applications to all the devices at once. When they were earnestly looking for a reliable MDM solution provider, they found 42Gears.

By deploying 42Gears’ SureMDM solution, Godrej Agrovet was able to easily monitor and manage all the devices from a single console. Now, if there is an issue with their devices, they can troubleshoot it remotely using SureMDM. Most importantly, by limiting control, they are able to stop users from misusing their devices. 

Godrej was highly impressed with 42Gears’ deployment, backend support, central management, and super easy way of pushing applications to machines.


They've got a better means to centrally manage, track, and troubleshoot devices.

They can easily deploy applications across multiple devices.

They are now able to manage/reduce device downtime effectively.

Industry: Agribusiness

Location: Mumbai, India

Products: SureMDM

Devices: Samsung, Honeywell, and more

Operating System: Android

Challenges: The company was facing issues with central monitoring, device management, and providing limited controls to device users to ensure security.

Solutions: By deploying 42Gears’ SureMDM, Godrej Agrovet was able to manage and troubleshoot all its devices effectively and stop device misuse.


"42Gears is a reliable MDM platform. It’s quite flexible, scalable, and compatible with a wide range of devices. We had a very positive experience and were successful in meeting our goal. The backend support crew at 42Gears is incredibly capable, committed, and quick to offer solutions."