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Windows 11 Device Management

Windows 11 Kiosk Mode, MDM, Kiosk Browser, and Digital Signage Software for Windows 11

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Windows 11 Device Management

Managing Windows 11 Devices

Nearly two-thirds of ransomware victims lacked an effective patch management process and a whopping 64% of companies leave more than 1,000 sensitive files accessible to everyone. This exposes them to significant security risks. Manually configuring security and access control policies to protect devices is a tedious burden for IT admins. In order to fully leverage Windows devices without compromising on security and usability at workplaces, businesses need a Windows MDM solution.

With the release of Windows 11, millions of offices worldwide will need to monitor, manage, and secure Windows 11 devices. The device manager Windows 11 offers natively is not sufficient to remotely control devices in a business context. To safely bring Windows 11 into the workplace, businesses need a few specific kinds of software: namely, Windows 11 kiosk mode, for device lockdown; Windows 11 MDM (mobile device management), for remotely monitoring and managing devices; and Windows 11 kiosk browser software, for limiting users to specific websites.

SureMDM, the 42Gears MDM for Windows 11, offers zero-day Windows 11 support, and is a great solution for anyone who needs to supervise tablets, laptops, and desktops alike. Security-minded admins can keep workers safe by activating Windows 11 Bitlocker encryption via MDM. Admins can also utilize three tools that come included with SureMDM licenses - locking down devices into kiosk mode with SureLock, providing a secure kiosk browser with SureFox, and managing digital signs with SureVideo.

What’s New in Windows 11?

It’s easier to stay focused and get more done with Windows 11. The operating system introduces a simpler, more stylish aesthetic as compared to Windows 10. Plus, it offers better multitasking, with new ways to display multiple apps at once. Still, Windows 11 brings new distractions, such as enhanced video game support. 

With an MDM solution, you can benefit from Windows 11’s focus-boosting features while blocking access to distractions.

Windows 11 MDM for Device Lifecycle Management

MDM for Device Lifecycle Management

As an MDM for Windows 11 with zero-day support, SureMDM makes it easy to manage the entire Windows 11 lifecycle. You can begin by enrolling Windows 11 devices into your network. Then, you can provision Windows 11 machines with the apps, content, security certificates, settings, and usage policies they need, like enabling Windows 11 Bitlocker encryption. You can then deploy the devices to the employees that need them. At that point, admins can use the Windows 11 MDM solution to manage and track Windows 11 devices, to make sure they comply with best practices. You can also implement Windows 11 kiosk mode, for kiosk lockdown, or Windows 11 kiosk browser, for secure browsing. Finally, when Windows 11 devices are outdated or unsafe to use, you can safely decommission them.

Management Software

Windows Enrollment

As an industry-leading Windows 11 MDM, SureMDM makes it easy to set up, enroll, and manage Windows devices.

  • Easy Enrollment for Company- and Employee-Owned Windows 11 Devices: Fully control corporate-owned Windows 11 devices, and enroll employee devices using SureMDM’s bring-your-own device (Windows 11 BYOD) support. Employees can safely bring their Windows 11 devices to work.
  • Choose One of Several Enrollment Methods: You can enroll Windows 11 computers via the SureMDM Windows 11 agent, agentless enrollment via Windows EMM, or a dual enrollment method.
  • Use Profiles for Quick Windows 11 Setup: Use SureMDM to create profiles (sets of multiple settings and configurations) and send those profiles to Windows 11 devices for rapid set-up.
  • Create a Custom Windows 11 Dashboard: Control your Windows 11 devices using the central SureMDM console. Quickly set up the metrics you want to follow for constant real-time feedback.
Keep Windows Devices Up-to-Date, Secure, and Compliant

Windows 11 Management: Ensure Devices Stay Updated, Safe, and Compliant

SureMDM is the easiest Windows MDM for ensuring Windows devices follow best practices around workplace security and compliance.

  • App and Content Management: Manually use the central console to push apps, updates, and content as needed, or automate the process using profiles and policies. 
  • Dynamic Restrictions: Automatically allow or prevent device use based on location, time of day, and Wi-Fi connection status.
  • Mandate Complex Passwords: Set rigorous password complexity requirements for each device, ensuring would-be thieves cannot easily guess passwords.
  • Device Health Monitoring: Monitor devices remotely. Set up alerts for low-battery, loss of connectivity, and other non-compliance events.
  • User Management: Improved user management that allows admins to create, delete, and modify permissions for an account, instead of solely creating users.
  • Compliance Management: Ensure Windows compliance with industry regulations and company policies through pre-configured and custom compliance profiles in SureMDM.

Windows 11 Security: Rest Easy with SureMDM

Using SureMDM, admins can protect devices and data.

  • Peripheral Use: Disable and block access to webcams, GPS, and other peripherals as needed.
  • Advanced BitLocker Management: Advanced BitLocker management allows a single job to perform actions such as encryption, decryption, and key rotation for all types of drives (including OS and fixed drives). Devices can be encrypted silently without the need to join Microsoft Entra ID. If the device enrollment type is Microsoft Entra Join, key rotation ensures that keys are automatically loaded to Entra ID.
  • Device Tracking: Track lost Windows 11 tablets and laptops, determine if retrieval is possible, and secure them by remotely locking them down or erasing them.
  • Advanced Patch Management: Streamline OS updates to ensure devices are consistently running on the latest Windows versions. Configure device compliance policies based on Windows OS versions, gather insights on installed, missed, and pending updates, and even uninstall patches if necessary.
  • USB Security Management: Create a list of approved and prohibited USB devices to prevent the use of unauthorized ones. Additionally, SureMDM allows configuring security settings for individual devices or groups of devices, ensuring flexible security posture.
  • Improved Certificate Management: Remotely deploy unique certificates (PCKS and root certificates) on multiple Windows devices. Apart from adding new certificates, SureMDM supports removing all the existing certificates from their respective certificate stores on devices.

Windows 11 Kiosk Lockdown and Secure Browsing

Offer customers and employees a great Windows 11 kiosk experience by locking down off-the-shelf computers with SureLock by 42Gears.

  • Kiosk Lockdown: With SureLock, allow users access only to admin-approved applications with Windows 11 lockdown. 
  • Secure Browser: Limit users to the websites you approve via SureLock, creating a secure Windows 11 web kiosk.
  • Kiosk Video Player: SureVideo serves as the digital signage software Windows 11 owners need if they want to turn Windows 11 devices into secure video players.

Remotely View, Control, and Troubleshoot Windows 11 with SureMDM

With SureMDM, you can harness the power of Windows 11 remote access to control each device as if it were in front of you.

  • Windows 11 Remote Control: Admins can control any device from the SureMDM console, no matter where they are. This means they can view, control, or troubleshoot Windows 11 devices as needed. With multi-admin remote control, multiple admins can remotely connect and troubleshoot end-user devices at the same time.
  • Save Money and Time via Remote Troubleshooting: Cut down on the transit costs (“truck roll costs”) and wasted time associated with many in-person device troubleshooting jobs.
  • Advanced Support for Intel vPro/AMT Devices: SureMDM works with Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) to support out-of-band Windows 11 management on Intel vPro(TM) devices. Control devices at any time - even when the Windows 11 OS has crashed, or the device is turned off.

Generate On-Demand Audits and Reports

Instantly generate the reports and audits you need for smart decision-making.

  • Audit Your Inventory: Determine inventory, including device location, at any time.
  • On-Demand Analytics Reports: Generate reports and share critical device usage trends with the Analytics Engine built into SureMDM.

Key Features

Windows 11 Device Management

Secure, monitor, and manage your Windows 11 fleet.


Windows 11 Enrollment
Bulk-enroll company-owned and BYO devices. Use the SureMDM Windows 11 agent, or opt for agentless enrollment with Windows EMM. Enroll new devices in Windows Autopilot so they will be enrolled instantly when first turned on. SureMDM also supports .ppkg enrollment for Windows 11 devices.


Windows 11 Provisioning
Use SureMDM’s built-in jobs and policies to remotely bulk-provision devices.


Device Health Monitoring
Remotely track device health metrics, and set up notifications based on battery or connectivity status.


Group Devices and Manage Devices By Group
Easily group Windows 11 devices in the console based on each device’s purpose, location, or other metrics. You can then manage each group separately - for example, you can push unique policies to each one.


Windows 11 Kiosk Management
Lock down Windows 11 devices to single-app mode or multi-app mode using SureLock, creating dedicated-purpose devices.


Access and Control Windows 11 Devices Remotely
View, control, and troubleshoot Windows 11 devices remotely from the SureMDM console.


VPN Configuration
Create a secured network for enrolled Windows devices.


Windows 11 Location Tracking
Follow Windows 11 devices on a map, and save historical location information for future reference.


Windows 11 Update Management
Push the latest Windows patches to each device, and use profiles to manage Windows update settings.


Windows 11 Licensing Management
Remotely activate, update, or deactivate Windows 11 licenses from the SureMDM console.


Reboot Device
Use the SureMDM console to reboot devices remotely at any time, without device users needing to be involved.


AppLocker Management
Manage Windows 11 AppLocker to control permissions for apps (including packaged apps and packaged app installers), executable files, Windows Installer files, and DLL files.


Wi-Fi Configuration
Remotely configure secure Windows 11 Wi-Fi network connections at any time.


Powershell Integration
Deploy and execute Windows 11 Powershell scripts.


Windows 11 Branding Capabilities
Use your company logo as the system wallpaper to integrate your branding into the Windows 11 experience.

Windows 11 Application Management

Deploy Windows 11 Apps, Manage Them, and Keep Them Safe


Distribute Apps
Push and install Windows 11 apps.


Deploy Apps Via the Microsoft Store
Deploy apps directly from the Microsoft Store onto your fleet of Windows 11 devices.
(Note: Windows 11 does not support Microsoft Store for Business; app distribution for enterprise apps will take place through the main Store beginning in 2022, and Microsoft will completely deprecate the Microsoft Store for Business by 2023.)


Uninstall Apps
SureMDM’s App Uninstall Profile functionality lets you remotely uninstall Windows 11 apps.


Manage Software Inventory
View the list of software installed on each device.


Manage App Configurations
Remotely configure Windows 11 application settings.


Manage Exchange ActiveSync
Sync Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes remotely on enrolled devices.


Periodically Launch Apps
Set a Windows 11 application to automatically launch on a recurring basis after a set amount of time has passed since the last launch.

Windows 11 Content Management

Securely Deliver and Manage Data on Windows 11 Computers


Deliver Content
Push documents, media, and any other content that Windows 11 devices need from the SureMDM console.


Rapid Emergency Windows 11 Messaging
Send messages from the central console to each device at any time to broadcast emergency messages.

Windows 11 Security

Keep Devices Safe and Separate Corporate Data from Personal Data


Windows 11 BitLocker Encryption Support
SureMDM empowers admins to activate Windows 11 Bitlocker functionality on enterprise-owned machines, encrypting critical data to thwart potential data breaches.


Manage Microsoft Defender
Remotely configure and apply Microsoft Defender policies on Windows 11 devices for real-time protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and other major threats.


Manage Windows 11 Certificates
Streamline network access authentication by remotely uploading security certificates to each device.


Windows Information Protection (WIP)
Remotely configure and deploy WIP policies to keep Windows 11 apps and data secure. For example, ensure employees cannot copy-paste enterprise data into a personal application.


Configure Windows Hello for Windows 11
Remotely set up face, fingerprint, or PIN-based access to Windows 11 websites, apps, and Wi-Fi networks. No password is needed.


Windows 11 Firewall Settings Management
Remotely manage firewall settings to keep your organization safe.

lock device

Lock Windows 11 Devices
If someone loses a Windows 11 device, remotely lock it for security, or completely wipe the device to prevent outsiders from accessing key data.


Windows 11 Factory Reset
Remotely command any device to perform a factory-reset, wiping all company data.

Bring Your Own Device (Windows 11 BYOD) and EMM Features


Windows 11 Password Policy
Mandate a secure password policy and push it to every Windows 11 device using SureMDM.


Windows 11 Mail Configuration
Configure Windows Mail on Windows 11 devices, including support for POP3/IMAP.

Benefits of Windows 11 Device Management


Zero-Day Support for Windows 11 Enables a Smooth Transition from Windows 10
Enjoy a smooth transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Zero-day support for Windows 11 ensures that all of SureMDM’s features, like remote troubleshooting, work after upgrading.


Maximize Focus, Productivity, and Efficiency
Windows 11 removes clutter to provide a clean aesthetic, ideal for work. Complement Windows 11’s aesthetic with device lockdown, blocking distracting software, so employees can stay focused and on-task.


Leverage Windows 11 Tools for Maximum Security
Windows 11 comes with key security tools like Bitlocker, Microsoft Defender, and Windows Information Protection. Remotely activate and manage all of these tools, and go further by mandating complex passwords. Plus, track device location from the central console at any time. If a device is lost and cannot be retrieved, remotely perform a factory reset.


Make Smarter Decisions
Use SureMDM’s Analytics Engine to identify trends in company data and make quick, decisive business decisions to maximize device ROI.

Windows 11 MDM FAQs

What is Windows 11 MDM?

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is a technology that allows IT admins to remotely manage a wide range of devices, including Windows 11-based ones. MDM solutions can be used to provision, monitor, and secure Windows 11 devices.

How do I enroll a Windows 11 device in an MDM solution?

How Windows 11 devices are enrolled into an MDM solution depends on the features it supports. Generally, Windows 11 devices are enrolled into an MDM solution using a suitable enrollment method, such as enrollment using an agent, Windows EMM enrollment, and a provisioning package with desired configurations and policies.

What are the benefits of using MDM in Windows 11?

Mobile device management solutions are noted for the following benefits:
  • An MDM solution allows admins to automate policy enforcement, app and content distribution, device feature update, and to ensure compliance with security regulations.
  • With MDM solutions, companies can safeguard devices with location tracking, fencing and kiosk capabilities, and protect data by implementing encryption tools like BitLocker, remote wipe and lock.
  • With an MDM solution, companies can customize device features to match business requirements.
  • An MDM solution serves as a single point of management for Windows 11 devices; it features a centralized console through which IT admins can manage, monitor, and secure devices from anywhere at any time.
By managing Windows 11 devices using an MDM solution, IT admins can ensure that only authorized people have the right to access devices and sensitive data. Deploying an MDM solution also allows employees to access their work-related data from their phones, as they can be sure that their phones comply with their employers’ security requirements.

Can I manage Windows 11 devices remotely?

Of course, you can manage Windows 11 devices remotely if you enroll them in a Mobile Device Management solution. Using an MDM solution, you can also provide remote assistance for troubleshooting and maintenance, silently install and update apps and content, enforce device usage policies, and implement security mechanisms to protect devices, data, and networks.

Embrace Windows 11 Management with SureMDM