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AstroFarm: Your Most-Trusted Private Mobile App Testing Platform

Build Your Private Mobile Device Farm with AstroFarm

Make all your devices remotely accessible for testing and development - anytime, anywhere. Optimize device usage, maximize device ROI, and boost team productivity.


The Need for a Private Device Farm

DevOps and QA teams need a wide range of devices to develop and debug their code, and ensure that a software works as intended. Accessing different devices becomes challenging when the teams are distributed across geographies. If you are buying, renting, and transporting devices, and especially, paying an exorbitant rental fee every month, we have a solution for you.

42Gears’ AstroFarm was built to solve these challenges. If you already have a set of devices, you can easily enroll them in AstroFarm, giving your team of developers and testers the ability to test on the company-owned device anytime, anywhere.

Why AstroFarm?

AstroFarm is all about convenience, efficiency and optimal asset utilization.

Maximize ROI on Devices You Already Own
Devices are available 24x7 so you no longer have to buy the same device model for each location.


Build a Cloud Environment that can Evolve Over Time
Scale up and/or down as needed, ensuring optimal resource utilization.


Specially Curated for Hybrid and Fully Remote Enterprises
AstroFarm can be built remotely without having to be physically present at a location. You can provide your employees with full device access even while they are working from home.


Device Security in Your Hands
Public device cloud poses security risks as a device can be accessed by multiple users. By connecting devices you already own, device security is in your hands.


Choose the Sustainable Way
Maximize your ROI and reduce e-waste by making the most of your existing devices. AstroFarm also helps you cut back on freight transportation so you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Key Features of AstroFarm (Device Farm)


Fast Device Enrollment
Connect multiple devices to a hub in seconds.


Remotely Debug Source Code
Facilitate single stepping during debugging on remote Android devices with Android Studio and iOS/iPadOS devices with Xcode.


Test Automation
Remotely run test automation suites on devices through open source frameworks such as Appium.


Browser-Based Access
You will find AstroFarm easy to access from any device.


Instant Inventory Review
Keep track of any device in your AstroFarm at a glance.


Support for an Expanding Array of Devices
AstroFarm supports Android as well as iOS/iPadOS devices.


Cloud Hosting and Support
Capitalize on secure and dedicated cloud hosting for your farm.


Easily Manage Who can Access What and When
Define access privileges using contributor and user management tools.

When to use AstroFarm?

astrofarm architecture

Get the AstroFarm Edge


Public Device Farm

Best Suited For Companies who already own the devices they need Companies need more or different devices than what they own
Device Rental Cost Free Paid (Most priced at $5 per device per hour or more)
Scalability Keep adding more devices as you procure them or share from other locations Rent access to more devices
Security Device security under your control Reliant on service provider to keep devices safe and secure

Easily Enroll Android and iOS/iPadOS on AstroFarm

Step 1


Install AstroFarm Agent on contributor machine (Windows/Linux/Mac)

Step 2


Plug in Android and iOS/iPadOS device on contributor mac

Step 3


Device gets enrolled ready for use

Step 4


Any user can pick up the devices and start working on it

Integrate your Favorite Applications





Android Studio

Android Studio





FAQs on Device Farm

How do I build my own device farm?

When you sign up for AstroFarm, you’ll get access to a web console that serves as your AstroFarm hub. You and your teammates can remotely add any devices to the hub through an easy enrollment process. All the enrolled devices are immediately available to use remotely.

How many devices can I add to my device farm?

You can scale your device farm to any size with AstroFarm. You will pay a per-device add-on fee, but there is no upper limit to the number of devices you can enroll.

What devices can I integrate into my AstroFarm device farm?

AstroFarm currently supports any Android device running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and latest versions and, iOS/iPadOS devices.

Can I remotely perform automation testing on devices?

You can use any test automation tool such as Appium and execute tests on mobile devices remotely.

What is DevOps?

It is a set of processes and technologies that help development and operations teams to work together and deliver the product faster, more efficiently and at scale.

Can I remotely debug my application code on a device in the Farm?

You can use any development environment (IDE) such as Android Studio to install your app during development on a device in your mobile device farm. Once ADB connection has been established, you can also perform single-step debugging of your code.



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