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iPhone/iOS and iPad Kiosk Mode

Convert Your iOS and iPadOS Devices into Dedicated-Purpose Kiosks


Overview on iPhones Kiosk Mode and iPads Kiosk Mode

iPhones and iPads are crucial for businesses worldwide, and in order to make sure they work as needed, they need to be locked down. This is where SureMDM can help, by activating iPad kiosk mode and iPhone kiosk mode. Once iOS kiosk mode is active, you now have a secure iPad kiosk or iPhone kiosk that you can use in offices, retail environments, and more.

With SureMDM, you can easily activate iOS kiosk mode and restrict users from accessing certain apps and websites. Users cannot tamper with iOS kiosk mode, ensuring they use your devices the way they should.

iPhone and iPad Kiosk Mode Features


Single-App and Multi-App Lockdown
Set up iPhone and iPad Kiosk Mode so that users can access multiple pre-selected apps, or a single app. Restrict interface elements so iPad kiosks and iPhone kiosks look attractive even if users need to move between apps.

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Remotely Lock Down Many iOS Kiosks at Once
SureMDM lets you lock down iPhones and iPads remotely at any time. Bypass the difficulty of setting up Guided Access on every device one-by-one.

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Ironclad Security for iPad Kiosks and iPhone Kiosks
Prevent users from exiting lockdown mode unless they have a lockdown-exclusive password separate from the main device password. Boot directly into an app to ensure kiosk mode remains intact even when the device is restarted.


Kiosk Browser Lockdown
Provide a secure iOS kiosk browser in a work or retail environment. Choose which websites the iPhone kiosk browser or iPad kiosk browser will permit, to ensure multi-site or single-site lockdown. Password-protect any options that remove kiosk mode.


Customized Branding
Add company insignia to the lockdown device interface, and ensure that customers will always be aware of your brand as they use your kiosks.

Benefits of iPhone Kiosk and iPad Kiosk

iPhone and iPad Kiosk Mode with SureMDM confers a range of benefits to any business:

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Block access to inappropriate apps and content, and ensure that your kiosks function well, and reflect well on your brand.


Prevent anyone from attempting to download malicious apps, whether or not they do so intentionally.


Turn any off-the-shelf iPhones and iPads into high-quality signs and kiosks.


Protect settings menus with passwords exclusive to those menus, making sure that knowing the device password does not give anyone free access to the device.

Testimonials on iOS Kiosk Mode


I have reached out to the 42Gears support team many times and have always had a very positive experience. The products are rock solid and are very reasonably priced.

James Rose

IT Admin, Spectrum of Hope

Overall experience was good in terms of product functionality. Also, the pre-sales team was very helpful.

Rahul Soni

Assistant Manager (IT/ISC), IndiGo

Experience the Power of iOS Kiosk Mode with SureMDM

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