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Case Study - Automobile

42Gears’ solutions help Mobis India Ltd. improve operational efficiency and minimize troubleshooting timelines

Business Overview

Mobis India Ltd., a subsidiary of Hyundai Motors, specializes in manufacturing spare parts and accessories for Hyundai automobiles. Mobis focuses on electrification, connectivity, and autonomous driving. The company strives to make driving safer and simpler and supplies service parts as well. Through a network of Parts Distribution Centers (PDCs), dispersed throughout major cities, Mobis provides after-sales parts and accessories. The company also exports accessories and parts for after-sales service through its extensive network of international distributors. Mobis also created a massive flow production line to manufacture essential components of hydrogen-powered vehicles in order to make the technology more suitable for mass production. Mobis is a customer of 42Gears’ partner, Supra Compec Pvt. Ltd., a Chennai-based IT hardware sales and support provider operating since 1996.


Mobis faced significant challenges managing their Windows CE and Windows ME devices. The company’s manual and time-consuming approach to application deployment, policy management, and troubleshooting was not only ineffective but also expensive. Additionally, they lacked knowledge regarding battery life, device performance, and potential problems with its devices operating at remote sites. The combination of these issues and lack of insights led to delayed response times as well as frequent downtimes during crucial working hours.


SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

Mobis India Ltd. selected 42Gears’ solutions (recommended by Supra Compec) to manage its Motorola Windows CE and Windows ME devices efficiently. The deployment of 42Gears’ SureMDM and SureLock turned out to be a game changer for them. 

  • With SureMDM, Mobis is now able to effectively manage its applications and remotely enforce policies and regulations in a more efficient manner.
  • 42Gears offered a custom-made feature that enabled Mobis to collect valuable insights into device performance and device battery life, and get access to analytical data, which helped them identify and address potential issues proactively. 
  • They are now experiencing improved device security and enhanced overall productivity in the workplace
  • The 42Gears solution helped them streamline their processes and increase operational effectiveness, which, in turn, raised customer satisfaction.
  • The solutions facilitated easy device management in manufacturing and warehouse- operations scenarios.

The uniqueness of 42Gears lies in its ability to offer comprehensive device management support for Windows CE devices while also providing on-premise or air gap network support. This was especially important for a company that had expressed security and privacy as top priorities.


The implementation of SureMDM and SureLock helped Mobis improve operational effectiveness, device management efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Mobis can now access device-related reports. With the improved reporting, Mobis management is better equipped with the information and data to make faster and more effective decisions. 

  • SureMDM enabled the remote deployment of applications and enforcement of policies and regulations, resulting in a 70-80% improvement in operational speed. 
  • Troubleshooting-timelines were minimized by 60% since the company started resolving issues remotely.

Industry: Automobile (manufacturing spare parts & accessories)

Location of deployment: India

Products: 42Gears SureLock and 42Gears SureMDM

Devices: Motorola MC55A and Motorola MC67NA

Deployment Size: 700

Operating System: Windows CE & Windows ME

Challenges: Mobis faced difficulties with respect to device management, application deployment, policy enforcement, and the delivery of troubleshooting assistance.  They were looking for a solution to get insight on battery life, device performance, and potential problems with remote devices, which resulted in more frequent and longer downtime.

Solutions: By deploying SureMDM and SureLock, Mobis India Ltd. was able to save significant costs and time spent on device management. They could now focus on more critical aspects of their operations.


“42Gears SureMDM is an incredible product that has truly transformed the way we manage our rugged devices at Hyundai. It has helped us save significant costs and time spent on device management, allowing us to focus on more critical aspects of our operations. SureMDM has resolved major challenges that we faced in device management, making it an indispensable tool for our manufacturing industry. We are thrilled with the results that SureMDM has delivered, and we would highly recommend it to any organization looking for a reliable and effective device management solution.” 

- Mr. T. Balakrishnan, Sr. Executive, Mobis India Pvt. Ltd.