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42Gears fosters a culture that is built on the foundations of diversity, integrity and excellence. We embrace our differences and collaborate to deliver market-leading solutions. Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier by bringing them the best MDM solution in the market. Each team is willing to rise up to new challenges every day at work and is driven by this mantra.

We believe in empowering our employees by encouraging them to continuously upgrade themselves. By creating a flexible workplace, we do our part to help employees achieve an optimal work-life balance.

Employee Engagement

World Environment Day Celebration

At 42Gears, we recognize the importance of protecting the environment. On June 5th, the entire company comes together to do their part in reducing CO2 emissions and restoring greenery by planting a significant number of saplings every year.

42Gears Women's Day Celebration
Women's Day Celebration

Women have been the most important part of the progress of our culture. So, we like to celebrate all the women at 42Gears who have been key to our success.

Chess Tournament

Corporate chess tournaments are great opportunities to drive employee engagement and improve retention. At 42Gears, we organize annual online chess tournaments that bring together our company’s greatest strategic minds.

COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

42Gears conducted a COVID-19 vaccination drive for its employees, support staff, and their families. With this drive, 42Gears facilitated access to the first and second dose of vaccine as soon as they were available.

Cricket Tournament

The ever-enthusiastic Team Rajkot played a memorable cricket tournament, which strengthened team bonding and allowed our employees to showcase their sports skills.

International Men's Day

This year, we celebrated International Men's Day to honor and recognize the positive contributions men make to society and our lives! On this special day, we conducted a wellness awareness session that addressed issues affecting men's health, promoted gender equality, and highlighted positive male role model qualities.

Republic Day Celebration

On Republic Day, the 42Gears family adorned the office with tricolor decorations, embodying the patriotic spirit. We celebrated unity and freedom with fun activities that brought smiles to everyone's faces. Winners were rewarded with prizes, adding to the joyous occasion.

International Yoga Day at 42Gears
International Yoga Day

Our staff’s wellbeing is our highest priority. And so, every International Yoga Day, we encourage our employees to take care of themselves by embracing this ancient holistic practice.

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Employee Testimonials

Working with 42Gears over the past 1.6 years has been a fantastic journey. The work environment and culture are truly exceptional, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among employees. 42Gears values its employees, offering not only recognition and rewards but also ample opportunities for professional growth and development. The company is committed to encouraging excellence in every role, ensuring that each team member feels appreciated and motivated.

Joy Shushan - Lead-Talent Acquisition

Working at 42Gears has been an incredible journey that has significantly contributed to both my professional and personal growth. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork and mutual respect, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute their best. The leadership team is approachable and always ready to listen, offering guidance and support whenever needed. Overall, working at 42 Gears Mobility Systems has been an immensely fulfilling experience as we get to collaborate and interact with multiple teams which is a huge perk that comes with this product-based company.

Rahul K - Cloud Engineer

Since joining 42Gears, I’ve discovered a nurturing work environment that thrives on collaboration and individual development. From day one, I felt embraced and recognized as a valuable member of the team. 42Gears prioritizes personal and professional growth. Whether it’s through targeted training programs or mentorship opportunities, employees are empowered to evolve. The sense of accomplishment after overcoming these challenges is truly rewarding. My journey at 42Gears has been nothing short of remarkable. If you’re seeking a workplace that values growth, inclusivity, and meaningful contributions, look no further.

Ganesh H S - Software Test Engineer

Working at 42Gears for the past 5 years has been an incredible experience. The supportive culture, commitment to professional growth, and focus on work-life balance have made it an exceptional place to build my career. I am continuously inspired by the innovative projects and the strong leadership that values and recognizes hard work. I am proud to be part of a team that truly cares about its employees and strives for excellence every day.

Shruti Sharma - Manager Legal