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42Gears fosters a culture that is built on the foundations of diversity, integrity and excellence. We embrace our differences and collaborate to deliver market-leading solutions. Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier by bringing them the best MDM solution in the market. Each team is willing to rise up to new challenges every day at work and is driven by this mantra.

We believe in empowering our employees by encouraging them to continuously upgrade themselves. By creating a flexible workplace, we do our part to help employees achieve an optimal work-life balance.

Employee Engagement

World Environment Day Celebration

At 42Gears, we recognize the importance of protecting the environment. On June 5th, the entire company comes together to do their part in reducing CO2 emissions and restoring greenery by planting a significant number of saplings every year.

42Gears Women's Day Celebration
Women's Day Celebration

Women have been the most important part of the progress of our culture. So, we like to celebrate all the women at 42Gears who have been key to our success.

Chess Tournament

Corporate chess tournaments are great opportunities to drive employee engagement and improve retention. At 42Gears, we organize annual online chess tournaments that bring together our company’s greatest strategic minds.

COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

42Gears conducted a COVID-19 vaccination drive for its employees, support staff, and their families. With this drive, 42Gears facilitated access to the first and second dose of vaccine as soon as they were available.

Cricket Tournament

The ever-enthusiastic Team Rajkot played a memorable cricket tournament, which strengthened team bonding and allowed our employees to showcase their sports skills.

International Yoga Day at 42Gears
International Yoga Day

Our staff’s wellbeing is our highest priority. And so, every International Yoga Day, we encourage our employees to take care of themselves by embracing this ancient holistic practice.

International Men's Day

This year, we celebrated International Men's Day to honor and recognize the positive contributions men make to society and our lives! On this special day, we conducted a wellness awareness session that addressed issues affecting men's health, promoted gender equality, and highlighted positive male role model qualities.

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Glimpses of our employee engagement activities


Employee Testimonials

42Gears is a good company to start a career, good work culture, environment you can grow and good work life balance. It is a very good company for any fresher to start a career from here, lots of things to learn and explore. The employees are very friendly with each other. Team leaders and reporting manager are very polite to the juniors

Birundha G - Test Engineer

I have been with 42Gears for nearly two years now, and my experience here has been truly exceptional. I have found an excellent work-life balance, and I'm fortunate to be part of an exceptional team. The work environment is not only supportive but also fosters innovation and collaboration. The company culture is vibrant, and the leadership team is genuinely visionary, providing clear direction and encouragement. Additionally, the opportunities for professional growth and development are abundant, making my journey at 42Gears both rewarding and fulfilling.

Anthony Gil Christ G S - Test Engineer

It has been 7 months with 42Gears and it has been a very enriching experience for me. A good company and a good team will always give us the positive energy to work. I enjoy each of the unique aspects of our company culture. Being part of a company that prioritizes its employees and fosters a culture of continuous improvement is truly gratifying. I am proud to contribute to an organization that sets high standards and values its team members.

Rakshith Kumar P – IT Support Engineer - Trainee

I have started my journey with 42Gears and it has been one year. Very fortunate to be a part of 42Gears. All the co-workers are very helpful. It has a very good work-life balance and a very good work culture.

The company provides a good scope to learn a lot of new skills. It gives you exposure to new technologies and tools to work on.

Shreyasree Sinha - Inside Sales Executive