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What is macOS MDM?

macOS devices are immensely gaining traction in the enterprise world. Even though it was not initially developed for work purposes, the Mac is quickly becoming a mainstay in the business world owing to its robust features and functionalities. And organizations are adopting macOS device management tools to monitor and manage such devices effectively. macOS device management software helps IT admins easily monitor, secure and manage macOS devices used within the organization, install apps and content on them over-the-air, and enforce security policies and restrictions on them.


Importance of Mac Device Management

For many organizations, managing employees’ Mac devices and keeping them up-to-date is a huge challenge. Businesses often tend to lack sophisticated Mac device management tools, and when devices break down or users have questions, they are often left to figure things out on their own. This is precisely where Mac device management tools help organizations monitor and manage their employees' Mac devices efficiently and effectively.


macOS MDM for Device Lifecycle Management

MDM for Device Lifecycle Management

If you want to manage macOS devices, you must deploy a macOS device management solution in conjunction with Apple Business Manager. Then, you will need to provide the Mac devices by pushing apps, content, and security policies onto them. Now, the devices are ready to deploy to actual users. At this point, you can use the Mac device management tool to monitor each device and ensure it stays secure and compliant with your security policies. In the event devices conflict with your security policies, you can take corrective action using the macOS mobile device management tool to monitor each device and ensure it stays secure and compliant with your security policies. When devices reach the end of their lifecycle, you can safely take them offline and retire them using the macOS MDM solution.

Capabilities of macOS Device Management Software

Enrollment: Get your macOS devices online fast with SureMDM

With SureMDM, you can quickly and easily set up, enroll, and manage macOS devices.

  • Easy Enrollment : Enroll macOS devices using the SureMDM agent. 
  • Rapid Set-Up: Bundle many settings into a profile, and send that profile to each device for rapid set-up. 
  • Customize Your Dashboard: The SureMDM Console features an intuitive dashboard. Set up the metrics you want to see, and find what you need at a glance using the Device Grid system.
  • Accommodates All Skill Levels: The SureMDM Console includes optional tutorial videos in the Help menu, so you always know what to do.

Management: Keep macOS Devices Up-to-Date, Secure, and Compliant

SureMDM allows you to follow the best security practices and helps you ensure that your macOS devices are always up-to-date, secure, and compliant.

  • Minimum Password Standards: Set minimum password complexity requirements for each device, ensuring would-be thieves cannot easily guess passwords. 
  • Acquire and Distribute Apps and Content: Use Apple’s content deployment programs to purchase and mass-distribute apps and books across all macOS devices.
  • App and Content Management: Push apps and content to macOS devices via the central SureMDM Console, or create a secure Enterprise App Store.
  • Web Content Filtering: Using this web content filter, IT Admins can now remotely block/allow specific URLs from being accessed. The option to import is provided for bulk upload, along with Add, Edit, Delete, and Search options for effective URL management.
Keep Windows Devices Up-to-Date, Secure, and Compliant

Security: Keep Devices Safer with SureMDM

A macOS MDM solution allows administrators to seamlessly secure and manage Mac devices. Device administrators can monitor and control minute details about the managed devices, such as installed apps, blocklisted apps, a wide range of security settings, and restrictions imposed on the devices can be obtained as well.

  • Control Use of Peripherals: Prevent users and malicious actors from accessing device webcams or other unnecessary functionality, such as iCloud.
  • FileVault Support: Use FileVault to encrypt data and provide an extra line of defense against data breaches.
  • Lost Device Recovery: See lost devices on a map in the SureMDM Console. From there, lock down or erase device contents to keep corporate data safe.
  • VPN support: Admins can now configure VPN using profiles. Please note that the connection type supported is L2TP only.

Remote Control and Remote Troubleshooting

Remotely access any macOS device like it is directly in front of you.

  • Remote Control: Take control of macOS devices remotely, simulating mouse and keyboard presses like you were in front of an actual device. Added a pop-up to get device users’ approvals for remote requests.
  • Remote Troubleshooting: Repair devices whenever they need help with remote troubleshooting, and save money on transit costs.  
  • Monitor CPU and RAM Consumption: Remotely monitor device processes based on their CPU/RAM consumption, ensuring no superfluous processes run unchecked. 

Benefits of Using macOS MDM

By using macOS MDM, device administrators can drastically reduce the time taken to onboard customers and improve the overall experience. When a Mac device is assigned to SureMDM, it automatically gets enrolled in MDM immediately after device activation.

Save time and money
Remote device control enables faster troubleshooting. Improve macOS device uptime and eliminate most “truck roll costs” associated with IT members travelling on-site to fix problems.


Boost employee productivity
By ensuring every device has the apps and content needed to be productive, SureMDM primes employees for success.


Improve security
Protect devices with complex passwords, and locate devices at any time from the central console. In the event devices are stolen and cannot be retrieved, FileVault encryption and remote data-wiping ensure important data stays safe.


Make smarter decisions
Find important trends and optimize the way devices are used, with the help of SureMDM’s Analytics Engine and the Device Grid in SureMDM’s central dashboard.

FAQ's on macOS Solution

What is the minimum version supported by SureMDM for macOS devices?

The minimum macOS version supported by SureMDM is v10.12 and later.

Does SureMDM support macOS remote management?

Yes, SureMDM offers multiple features that allows IT admins to remotely manage macOS devices.

Is it possible to enable kiosk mode on macOS devices using SureMDM?

Yes, SureMDM can help IT admins easily enable kiosk mode on macOS devices. 

Can SureMDM help admins push software updates remotely on macOS devices?

Yes, admins can use SureMDM to push software updates on macOS devices.

Does SureMDM support FileVault?

Yes, SureMDM allows IT teams to remotely enable FileVault on Mac devices. Please refer to the article to enable it remotely-

How can I push applications remotely to macOS devices?

You can create an enterprise app store and distribute applications remotely to devices in bulk through macOS profile > Application policy

Do I need to register APNS to manage macOS devices?

Yes, it is mandatory to register an APNS certificate to manage macOS devices. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

How can I renew my APNS certificate?

Please refer to the steps for more details.

Can I block users from using applications like YouTube, Facebook and other such sites on macOS devices?

Yes, SureMDM offers a feature to blocklist and allowlist applications. You can use this feature to restrict or allow any application that you need.

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