EMM Shaping the endpoint security and management for Logistics and Transportation Industry


Now, growing complexities in logistics and transportation industry, as well as an increase in customer expectations, has created a need to adopt emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), cloud-based Transport Management System (TMS), unmanned aerial & ground vehicles, and wearables. These innovations might prove to be a boon to this Industry where time and efficiency define profit. Yet, implementing them into real practice need lots of improvement which is crucial for commercial adoption and their integration with EMM is also vital.


IoT and EMM – An Insight into Future Convergence and Challenges


Converging IoT with the EMM strategy of an organization can provide rich benefits. A connected range of mobile devices, wearables, and other devices will allow employees to always stay connected, be informed and collaborate with each other easily. Sending and receiving real-time reports will become easy. The company will be able to manage devices remotely and provide real-time system updates, deal with performance issues and handle maintenance requirements.


How Tablets are changing the way businesses run


Mass global adoption by consumers worldwide has established tablet computers as stable, reliable and contemporary technology. This paved the way for its enterprise adoption. Few visionaries tested the water by deploying tablets in businesses in small numbers. In the beginning, tablets were used as tools to attract eyeballs. Now, it is rapidly becoming an essential part of every business not for just attracting consumers but to achieve brand loyalty and enhancing customer shopping experience that was not possible few years ago. Retail, Hospitality, Automotive and Healthcare Industries are early adopters.

How Tablets are changing the way businesses run

Why tablets are the future of POS technology?


Convergence of technology based robust, fast, secure business process solutions and ubiquitous tablet devices are the major driving forces for mobile POS Terminal adoption. One of the biggest challenge faced by the businesses today is making a concise and cost efficient payment system especially in retail sector. Low installation cost and speedier checkout offered by Tablet POS Terminal has considerably increased their adoption. Tablets are not only improving Return on Investment (ROI) but it helps to meet the targeted sales as well as labour efficiency.

Why tablets are the future of POS technology

How tablets can change the way we teach and learn


Education system has undergone significant changes in last few decades, still there seems significant scope of applying latest, easily adaptable technologies for education in schools, colleges and even at home. Several aspects of education are being revolutionized by innovative technologies. Internet, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Wireless technology and gradually making education easier and effective. 

Image of hand pressing on screen digital tablet

Digital Signage Using Tablets - Solution for Better Branding and Marketing


Branding and Marketing is fundamental for growth of any business. Strong competition for brand space and consumer base have led the businesses to be on a constant lookout for innovative Branding and Marketing ideas. Digital Signage has always been used as a significant marketing and branding tool however they have been just informational and capable of one-way interaction. With adoption of creative solutions along with Tablets, digital signage can now be much more effective, adoption of creative solutions along with Tablets, digital signage can now be much more effective, interactive and interesting.