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Case Study - Agri-Commerce

WayCool Foods is Paving the Path to Centrally Manage All the Devices via SureMDM

Business Overview

WayCool Foods is India’s largest agri-commerce company. WayCool is focused on food development and distribution. It leverages innovative technologies to scale and operate a complex supply chain from soil to sale. Using its farmer engagement program, Outgrow, WayCool has been successful in working with over 85000 farmers. The company has a wide range of products across multiple channels and categories such as fresh produce, staples, and dairy, serving over 1,00,000 clients in the general trade, modern trade, and food services space. The company’s consumer brands basket includes Madhuram, KitchenJi, L'exotique, and Freshey’s, to name a few.

Challenges and Solution

WayCool is on a mission to revolutionize India’s agri-commerce space. The company has deployed several devices such as laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets of various brands, including Samsung, Lenovo, and Oppo, to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. It needed a reliable solution that could unify all of its devices under one roof (a single console) and make device management simpler and more efficient. The company chose 42Gears as its partner after conducting extensive research on multiple players in the mobile device management market. By deploying SureMDM, the company’s IT admins are able to centrally manage all their devices, troubleshoot issues, manage different policies to ensure device security, and turn devices into kiosks to stop users from misusing their devices.


  • They are now able to remotely manage, monitor, and secure more than 2000 devices from a single console.
  • They can easily deploy applications across multiple devices.
  • Post deployment of SureMDM, WayCool saw a massive improvement in productivity.

Industry: Agri-Commerce

Location of deployment: India

Products: SureMDM

Devices: Laptops (Dell, Lenovo and MacBook), tabs (iPad), and mobile devices (Samsung and Oppo)

Deployment Size: 2000+

Operating System: iOS, Android, Ubuntu

Challenges: The company was looking for a mobile device management solution in order to centrally manage all their company-owned devices.

Solutions: By deploying 42Gears’ SureMDM, WayCool was able to centrally manage and track all its devices effectively and deploy security policies over-the-air.


"We needed a way to manage more than 2000 devices from a single console and 42Gears has been a reliable partner in helping us centrally manage all of our devices. 42Gears’ SureMDM is a reliable and secure MDM solution that has helped us continue to adhere to the security and compliance requirements of our company." 

Prateek Mukherjee, Assistant IT Manager at WayCool