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Case Study - Medical and Pharmaceutical

Apex Laboratories reduces service downtime and improves employee productivity with SureMDM

Business Overview

Apex Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of multi-vitamin and mineral supplements, and is one of the fastest growing names in this segment. The company employs over 2500 personnel and is ranked in the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in India.

Apex Laboratories used Lenovo Tab K10 devices (with Google Zero Touch Portal) to empower their Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (PSRs) across India. Once these devices are issued to their respective users, the device IMEI numbers are swiftly logged into the Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE) portal. Following this registration, the ZTE portal proceeds to wirelessly install an MDM profile onto the devices. Once configured, these devices are then distributed to their PSRs. These devices are configured to operate in kiosk mode, which confines their functionality to a carefully selected set of applications.


Apex Laboratories Private faced a myriad of challenges in managing the fleet of tablets used by their PSRs across India. These challenges included:

  • Issues with device inventory management 
  • Time-consuming provisioning and compromised security of devices
  • Lack of app and remote content management capabilities
  • Inconsistent user productivity


To overcome the above mentioned challenges, Apex Laboratories leveraged 42Gears SureMDM (with SureLock and SureFox integration) to simplify the management and provisioning of devices with the help of ZTE. By utilizing SureMDM’s robust kiosk and browser solution, Apex Laboratories was able to optimize device usage, and prevent the misuse of any of their provisioned devices.

42Gears' SureMDM stood out as the ideal solution for Apex Laboratories due to its seamless integration with ZTE, and feature-rich kiosk and browser solutions. This combination allowed the company to optimize device usage and prevent unauthorized utilization.

  1. Robust Kiosk Solution: SureLock’s kiosk mode ensured that devices were used exclusively for business purposes, preventing misuse and bolstering security.
  2. Integrated Browser: SureFox’s integrated browser functionality allowed the company to restrict access to select URLs, ensuring that PSRs only accessed approved websites.
  3. Remote App Installation and Troubleshooting: Apex Laboratories benefited from SureMDM’s ability to remotely install applications and troubleshoot device issues, saving time and improving device uptime.
  4. Content Management: With SureMDM, Apex Laboratories was able to gain complete control over remote content management, ensuring their PSRs had seamless and secure access to up-to-date content and resources.


After leveraging SureMDM, Apex Laboratories assessed their end-user efficiency by examining their active usage of business applications. On implementing SureMDM’s kiosk mode capabilities, the company observed a reduction in the unauthorized utilization of third-party and social media applications.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: With SureMDM’s kiosk mode in place, the unauthorized use of third-party and social media applications has decreased. Apex Laboratories reported that device performance has improved, leading to faster processing speeds and response times.
  • Higher Productivity: The implementation of usage restrictions has resulted in an increase in the productivity of PSR agents, as evidenced by higher visit counts and increased order bookings.
  • Improved Cost Savings: Apex Laboratories has experienced cost savings in terms of IT man-hours spent on device provisioning and troubleshooting, as well as reduced overheads like shipping.

Industry: Medical and Pharmaceutical

Location of deployment: Pan-India

Products: SureMDM

Devices: Lenovo Tab K10

Deployment Size: 1500

Operating System: Android OS


  • Problems with device inventory management 
  • Time-consuming provisioning and compromised security of devices
  • Lack of app and remote content management capabilities
  • Low user productivity


  • SureMDM


I’m delighted to provide a glowing testimonial for 42Gears and the exceptional support they have offered to our company. One of the most remarkable benefits of 42Gears has been their user-friendly MDM platform. What truly sets 42Gears apart is their exceptional customer support. Whenever we encountered challenges or had questions, their support team was always there to provide timely and effective assistance. They truly understand the importance of minimizing downtime and ensuring that our operations run smoothly! 

- Rajan Adiyapatham, Manager, Information Technology