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SureMDM Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Enable Secure Network Access to Corporate Resources

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Why Do Businesses Need a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Solution?

Cyber attacks are rampant! One attack happens every 39 seconds (*Source: CTM file) and over 50% of businesses (*Source: Cybersecurity Insiders) lack visibility into unsecured WiFi on employee devices (BYOD). That’s not all, 80% of all breaches (*Source: CrowdStrike) use compromised identities. Traditional security isn’t enough to safeguard against the latest cyber threats.

ZTNA offers a modern solution to security threats by isolating application access from the network. This solution ensures only authorized users get access to specific applications, and protects your data even on compromised devices.

What is SureMDM ZTNA?

SureMDM ZTNA leverages Zero Trust principles to create a secure and dependable Zero Trust Network Access solution. The solution ensures only authorized users and devices can connect to the network to access sensitive corporate resources.

How SureMDM ZTNA is different from Legacy VPNs

Legacy VPNs struggle to meet the needs of modern organizations, as they fall short on security and privacy with their outdated encryption and user authentication methods. For instance, legacy VPNs create bottlenecks by routing all internet traffic through a corporate network. This can be problematic for users who need to access both internal resources and external websites simultaneously.

SureMDM leverages the ZTNA approach, ensuring continuous verification for all users and devices attempting to access resources. This approach grants Zero Trust access only to authorized endpoint applications and SureMDM-compliant devices, securing the traffic within the tunnel.


Key Features

Split Tunnel

Route internet traffic partially through a secure Zero Trust tunnel and open network. Configure specific IP addresses or ranges to use the SureMDM ZTNA and bypass the rest.

Split DNS (Domain Name System)

Control which domains can use the Zero Trust tunnel. Access both internal and external resources without ever needing to switch domain names.

Per App VPN (Android only)

Selectively route specific applications through the Zero Trust tunnel while excluding other applications, thereby isolating traffic from each app.

DNS Leak Protection

A DNS leak occurs when your device's DNS requests bypass the Zero Trust tunnel, potentially exposing your browsing activity. Ensure DNS leak protection to prevent such leaks so that all your requests stay securely within the encrypted tunnel.

No Logs Policy

Store only admin-specified IP addresses and essential VPN traffic data to ensure complete privacy.

Dedicated IP Address

Obtain a virtual IP address through the SureMDM ZTNA, enhancing privacy and security for your device.

VPN Roaming

Ensure that all the internet traffic is securely routed through the Zero Trust tunnel when roaming is disabled. With roaming enabled, only essential traffic (allowed via profiles) goes through the tunnel, while other traffic uses your device's network.

Application Allowlisting/Blocklisting

Configure the list of allowed or blocked apps for Zero Trust tunnel access. This ensures that only authorized applications access sensitive resources.

Why choose the SureMDM ZTNA solution

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Enhanced Security

SureMDM ZTNA creates a secure and encrypted tunnel for network access and data transmission, preventing unauthorized access and malicious actors.

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Simplified Setup

SureMDM ZTNA is an inbuilt feature and can be easily configured in the SureMDM console.

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Granular Control

With SureMDM ZTNA, you can ensure that access to your network is granted only to authorized devices and applications with proper security configurations, minimizing the risk of breaches.

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Secure BYOD Access

SureMDM ZTNA ensures that personal devices accessing corporate resources adhere to security requirements through the inbuilt Zero Trust model and SureMDM policies.

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Data Breach Mitigation

With this, all your internet traffic is securely tunneled through the ZTNA tunnel, eliminating the risks of data breaches and unauthorized access.


1. What is VPN?

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, mask your IP address, hiding your location and unlocking geographically restricted content. They also offer basic encryption for your online communications.

2. What is Zero Trust Network?

A Zero Trust Network model is based on establishing trust through authentication, authorization, and continuous validation of each network access attempt to corporate resources. It works on the principle of not trusting any access attempt by default.

3. What are the differences between VPN and ZTNA solutions?

Legacy VPNs follow a one-time validation approach. Once inside the organization's network (the castle), everything is trusted and granted wide-reaching access to a company's sensitive files. In the Zero Trust Network, everyone and everything that tries to access resources (like data or applications) needs to be verified every single time. This makes it even more difficult for attackers to gain access to sensitive information, even if they break through the initial defenses.

4. Is the ZTNA solution safe?

Yes, absolutely! SureMDM ZTNA encrypts all your internet data and offers dedicated IP addresses to protect your privacy.

5. What is the need for a Zero Trust security solution in MDM?

SureMDM ZTNA provides secure network access to corporate resources such as internal websites, email servers, and files shared from managed devices. This ensures that data transmitted between the managed devices, and the corporate network is protected from unauthorized access and network-based cyberattacks.

6. How to configure SureMDM ZTNA on managed devices?

SureMDM ZTNA can be configured on the devices by applying the VPN profile with devices that will install the SureMDM ZTNA agent (client) on the device.

7. Is there a limit on the number of devices I can use SureMDM ZTNA on simultaneously?

It depends on the number of gateway servers configured using the SureMDM console.

8. Can I configure the SureMDM ZTNA to automatically connect to specific networks?

Yes, users can configure and deploy the profile with the necessary settings so the device automatically connects to specific networks.

9. Is it necessary to purchase additional licenses for SureMDM ZTNA to be active?

Yes, customers with Premium and Enterprise packages can purchase SureMDM ZTNA licenses as an add-on.

10. Is there a free trial available for SureMDM ZTNA?

Yes, it is available. Please sign up to see SureMDM ZTNA in action.

Securely access your corporate resources with SureMDM ZTNA