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Case Study - Healthcare

Virotea Manages Virtual Reality Devices Easily with SureMDM

Business Overview

Virotea, established in 2018, offers virtual reality (VR) applications to help senior citizens virtually engage in fun activities such as sightseeing, gaming, and more. These apps also help improve caregiving and are mainly used by care facilities and nursing homes. Virotea’s flagship products, ViroteaVR and ViroteaGO, help care recipients travel around the world virtually (without leaving home). They also use VR technology for the training and upskilling of healthcare staff. The company offers ViroteaED, an empathy-enhancing training system, to healthcare professionals to help them understand their clients better.

Challenges and Solution

Virotea was struggling to manage the devices deployed in client locations all over the country. Upon Pico’s recommendation, Virotea decided to try 42Gears’ SureMDM. After deploying SureMDM, Virotea was able to monitor, manage, and secure VR devices remotely. In addition, Virotea can now push updates and troubleshoot VR devices quickly and easily from afar. The company can also get the MAC address of their devices to monitor their health and status. For instance, they can check the number of devices being used at a given point in time, the battery power remaining in all those devices, and more.


With SureMDM, Virotea can now provide much better VR device support to healthcare staff. They are also able to save time and money by avoiding onsite visits.

Industry: Healthcare

Location of deployment: Sweden

Products: SureMDM

Devices: Pico G2 4K and Pico NEO3

Deployment Size: 100 to 500 devices

Operating System: Android

Challenges: Virotea was struggling to manage VR devices, push updates, and troubleshoot VR  applications.

Solutions: Virotea deployed SureMDM to remotely secure, monitor, and manage VR devices and applications.


"Not only did we save time and money, but we were also able to improve productivity as we didn't have to travel on-site to troubleshoot issues associated with VR devices." 

Ivan Perlesi, CEO & Founder