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SureMDM InLocate

An Indoor Location Tracking Solution

Track and locate your devices in real-time, inside any facility. Easily manage devices on the move. No additional infrastructure necessary.

Spending too much time locating devices in your warehouse? Another rugged device stolen? Often budget to replace lost devices? If your answer is yes, SureMDM InLocate might just be what you are “looking” for.

Losing enterprise devices can be a costly and frustrating experience. If you cannot locate them promptly, you’ll find yourself spending valuable time searching or investing money to replace them. In either case, this can negatively impact worker productivity and compromise data security.

Why Indoor Tracking Solution is a Necessity

36 million

cell phones lost every year are stolen from the workplace.


of rugged mobile devices are lost annually, incurring recurring replacement costs.

4.45 million USD

is the average loss due to cyber attacks on stolen devices.

Defy the odds – experience the difference with SureMDM InLocate.

Introducing SureMDM InLocate


One thing is common across all the above statistics, losing enterprise devices is not just frustrating; it leads to wasted time searching or investing in replacements. Ultimately, this negatively impacts worker productivity and compromises data security.

SureMDM InLocate, 42Gears’ advanced indoor location tracking solution precisely identifies the location of enrolled devices within your facility. InLocate leverages your existing Wi-Fi network to track the devices and does not require additional beacons or installations. 

A leap beyond conventional MDMs that track only outdoor locations, SureMDM InLocate is a game-changer to ensure a secure, efficient, and productive workplace. No more lost devices or wasted time searching for them.

Key Features

Asset 37

Real-Time Location Tracking

Pinpoint the exact location of mobile devices in real-time, ensuring IT admins always know where the devices are located.

Asset 27

Remote Buzz

Trigger an audible alarm on a lost device to help guide you to its location quickly.

Asset 28

Real-Time Insights

Gain valuable data on device usage, movement patterns, and potential security risks. Optimize device availability across your facility.

Asset 29

Historical Location Data

Access historical location data to analyze patterns, optimize workflows, and make informed decisions for better operational efficiency.

Asset 30

Geofences (Coming Soon)

Set virtual boundaries to restrict device movement and enforce security policies. Keep sensitive assets where they belong.

Asset 31

Visual Heatmaps (Coming Soon)

Generate visual heatmaps to identify and locate immobile devices within the facility. Pinpoint areas with weak Wifi signals to ensure optimal connectivity and device usage.

Why Choose SureMDM InLocate?

Simplified Setup
SureMDM seamlessly integrates with your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and does not require any expensive beacons or complicated installation.
Cost Savings
Cut down on the expense of device losses and eliminate the need for additional asset tracking hardware.
Enhanced Security
Safeguard sensitive data by maintaining constant visibility and control over the location of mobile devices.
Enhanced Operational Efficiency
Access historical location data to analyze patterns, optimize workflows, and make informed decisions for better operational efficiency.

SureMDM InLocate is the perfect solution for

Asset 45


Reduce the risk of device loss and improve resource allocation.

Asset 44


Streamline inventory management and improve operational efficiency.

Asset 42


Keep track of devices on the vast manufacturing floor, manage their movement efficiency.

Asset 43


Get constant device visibility, protect PHI (Personal Health Information) data, and prevent HIPAA breach.

Join the SureMDM InLocate Beta Program

Starting April 2nd, 2024, the SureMDM InLocate Beta Program will run for a period of 60 days, offering you exclusive advantages, including:

  • Exclusive Early Access:  Be the first to try out this revolutionary feature.
  • Zero Costs: Experience the future of indoor location tracking without additional costs. 
  • Influence the Roadmap: Your insights and suggestions will be the driving force behind shaping the final solution.

Please note the beta participation requires having a SureMDM account with at least 10-20 active devices. Sign up for an account here!

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SureMDM InLocate - Frequently Asked Questions

What is indoor location tracking?

Indoor location tracking (ILT) is a technology that pinpoints the real-time location of assets within a building or facility. Unlike GPS, which is limited to tracking locations on a map, ILT utilizes your existing Wi-Fi network to determine the location of your assets indoors.

What is SureMDM InLocate?

SureMDM InLocate is our cutting-edge indoor location tracking solution that offers real-time device tracking within your facility.

Who can benefit from indoor location tracking?

Any industry, be it retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, etc., can leverage indoor location tracking to improve device allocation, data security, and customer experience.

How can I join the SureMDM InLocate Beta Program?

To join the SureMDM InLocate Beta Program, simply sign up! Please note that beta participation is limited, subject to acceptance, and requires a SureMDM subscription. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exciting opportunity - sign up now to secure your spot in the beta program!

Is SureMDM InLocate Beta compatible with all platforms?

SureMDM InLocate Beta has currently been developed only for Android devices.

What are the prerequisites for using SureMDM InLocate?

To use SureMDM InLocate, all you need to do is make sure that all your devices are enrolled in SureMDM and that you have a floor map of your warehouse/building for effective device mapping.

Will I get a demo of how the solution works?

Of course! Our technical team will show you a live demo to ensure you can make the most of this capability.

Can I provide feedback during the SureMDM InLocate trial?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage beta users to share their feedback. Simply drop your feedback to Your insights will be invaluable in shaping the final release of SureMDM InLocate.

Is SureMDM InLocate secure for use in my facility?

Security is our priority. SureMDM complies with industry standards—it is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, and GDPR and HIPAA compliant—ensuring the privacy and security of your facility's data.

Is it compulsory to use SureMDM InLocate with SureMDM?

Yes, beta participation requires having a SureMDM account with at least 10-20 active devices.

Does SureMDM InLocate support SaaS and on-premise deployments?

Currently, InLocate is available as a cloud-based solution (SaaS). We're working on adding on-premise support soon!

Change the way you track and secure enterprise devices indoors