Businesses with mobile workforce require secure and uncompromisable devices to ensure responsible usage, improve productivity and reduce maintenance cost. Device Lockdown by allowing access to only required applications and preventing users from making any unintended changes is the solution. With SureLock, you can allow only desired applications to run and allow only admin access to either modify lockdown configurations or exit the lockdown.

Corporate applications delivered on mobile devices are gaining traction in organizations of all sizes and industries. Securely delivering the application on a mobile device, and preventing unauthorized usage of the device naturally becomes a priority. Enterprise Secure Browser -  SureFox creates a Secure Browsing environment in Android and iOS devices, delivering corporate applications with a seamless web browsing experience.

SureMDM completes the ecosystem of our products, offering robust mobile device management capabilities. It is a comprehensive yet very simple and intuitive cloud solution which supports all major browsers and provides a centralised view of all the connected devices. With SureMDM, tracking device activity, monitoring health or doing advanced analytics on device usage becomes really easy.

SureVideo locks down Android and iOS devices to play only allowed media files - a simple yet powerful Digital Signage solution. Install SureVideo, access its password protected settings, specify media files you wish to play in lockdown mode and your device is ready to be used as a video playing kiosk at a mall, office, store etc.

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These tools can be downloaded and used for evaluation purposes only. For commercial usage, contact us. Some of these tools can be used along with SureLock.

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