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Case Study - Gaming

42Gears’ SureMDM helps LudWin streamline their device management operations

Business Overview

LudWin is a leading gaming technology company that specializes in strategic advice, products, technologies, and services to licensed gaming operators. LudWin operates across several countries, and caters to clients such as National Lotteries as well as private operators. The company’s solutions are adapted for both online and retail markets, managing strong national and regional brands. They offer complete, unique, and flexible solutions with a focus on content and strategy.


LudWin’ primary challenge was to develop Android applications, and seamlessly deploy them on their end customer’s existing devices. Their customer was using Mobiprint devices, and since their end customer’s devices were already deployed throughout the country, it would have been practically impossible to retrieve those devices, install a new application and redeploy them. 

As a result, LudWin were looking for an MDM solution that could help seamlessly deploy applications via Google Zero Touch, and in addition to:

  • Offering flexible cost options
  • Being capable of fulfilling all technical requirements
  • Being intuitive and easy to use
  • Having a great reputation in terms of providing customer support


To effectively cater to these requirements, LudWin deployed SureMDM and reported significant improvements in its device management processes, operational flow, productivity, and troubleshooting timelines. 

SureMDM allowed LudWin to:

  • Configure device settings remotely
  • Manage application deployments and updates centrally
  • Full remote support capabilities of devices located anywhere in the world.
  • Deploy a correctly configured device with virtually no user involvement.


After deploying SureMDM, the customer reported that their device enrollment process had become seamless, and they were able to successfully deploy apps via Google Zero Touch. Now, the system automatically applies the configurations, and this has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of deployment. During the deployment, LudWin also reported that they received great support from the 42Gears team. 

By partnering with 42Gears and leveraging SureMDM, LudWin were happy to report the following outcomes for their end customers:

  • Improved operational efficiency and higher productivity
  • Enhanced device inventory management from its centralized console

Industry: Gaming

Location of deployment: West Africa

Products: SureMDM and integrated SureLock

Devices: Mobiprint Android Devices

Deployment Size: 4,000 devices

Operating System: Android

Challenges: LudWin, a leading gaming technology company reached out to 42Gears for an MDM solution that fulfilled their technical requirements and could seamlessly deploy newly developed applications to devices that were deployed throughout the country.

Solutions: By leveraging SureMDM and integrated SureLock, LudWin reported a substantial improvement in inventory device management, operational efficiency and employee productivity.


“Our ultimate goal was to be able to deploy our application easily and ensure that the devices it was running on, are secure and manageable remotely on behalf of our clients which was accomplished via SureMDM.” 

- Kevin Conjamalay, CTO of LudWin