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15-Year Recap of Digital Transformation Successes with 42Gears MDM – Transportation & Logistics

jun 06, 2024 | 42Gears Team

The transportation and logistics industry has seen a rapid transformation in the last two decades. Considered the cornerstone of any global economy, the transportation and logistics industry has been instrumental in driving transformations in critical activities like trade, commerce, and natural disaster responses.

But did you know that mobile device management (MDM) technologies have played a vital role in enabling digital transformation for the Transportation & Logistics (T&L) industry? And with the market size of the digital logistics industry expected to grow from $32 billion in 2024 to $120 billion by 2032, this trend of digitizing key aspects of the transportation & logistics industry will continue to gain traction. 

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the MDM-powered digital transformation and the impact 42Gears solutions have created for businesses operating in the T&L industry. 

The Digital Transformation of the Transportation & Logistics Industry  

Transportation & Logistics (T&L) is one of those industries where new technologies are implemented before applications are seen in other industries. Over the past 15 years, digital transformation initiatives, such as automation, GPS tracking, route optimization, supply chain management systems, etc., have seen widespread adoption in the T&L industry. 

Let’s take a quick look at how these digital transformation technologies have helped the T&L industry evolve to meet the demands of modern-day businesses and customers:

  1. Automation:

    Logistics has witnessed a huge transformation in terms of automating time-consuming tasks like warehouse management, autonomous delivery vehicles, and delivery drones.
  2. Data & Analytics:

    Breakthrough technologies, like AI and IoT, are driven by insights generated by Big Data analytics, which has helped T&L businesses streamline and automate various parts of their operations. 
  3. Sustainability:

    Digital transformation technologies are playing a vital role in helping promote green initiatives, such as reducing fuel consumption through optimized routing solutions.
  4. Ecommerce:

    As customers began embracing digital e-commerce shopping experiences, the expectation of faster deliveries, transparency into the status of packages, and consignment tracking became a necessity for all consumers. The T&L industry adopted accordingly by implementing new technologies that helped expedite the purchase-delivery lifecycle and promote transparency. 

How has MDM powered digital transformation in the T&L industry? 

With more companies adopting mobility-based technologies and implementing BYOD policies to empower their next generation of workforce, achieving digital transformation with MDM solutions has become a mainstay for modern T&L operations. Today, T&L businesses adopt MDM solutions to secure, monitor, and manage their growing fleet of devices, especially for empowering on-site employees like drivers and logistics operations teams. 

Here’s how MDM powers digital transformation for T&L businesses:

  1. Digital transformation with MDM has enabled IT and operations teams to provide employees with secure access to sensitive information like customer information and service request statuses through their devices
  2. By enabling digital transformation with MDM, T&L businesses have achieved enhanced visibility into tracking and delivering packages and consignments
  3. MDM-powered digital transformation has resulted in businesses achieving improved operational efficiency and boost in employee productivity

How 42Gears enabled T&L customers achieve digital transformation with MDM

Over the past 15 years, 42Gears has actively supported our T&L customers with innovative solutions that helped tackle new challenges brought about by implementing digital transformation with MDM initiatives. Our MDM solutions, like SureMDM and SureLock, have played a pivotal role in streamlining T&L operations, boosting employee productivity, and enhancing device and data security. 

Let’s take a quick look at how 42Gears MDM powered a digital transformation for a few of our customers. 

1. Delhivery 

Challenges: Delhivery is a leading tech-based logistics company that fulfills over 10 million orders in a month, servicing more than 9000 pin codes. To empower its delivery drivers, the company provisioned handheld rugged devices that could track the inflow and outflow of goods, scan barcodes on packages, and update this information on the central database. However, it needed a solution that could help its operations teams manage its fleet of devices while reducing instances of employees accessing restricted applications. 

Solutions: By partnering with 42Gears, Delhivery was able to successfully deploy UEM solution on its fleet of rugged devices. 42Gears UEM solution helped its operations teams secure and monitor devices in real-time, push application and content updates with minimal device downtime, and remotely send out relevant notifications on devices.

2. HOPI Holding

Challenges: HOPI Holding adopted smartphone usage for its employees to streamline its supply chain operations. However, setting up every device manually was time-consuming and disruptive, which also created new security risks. As such, the company was on the lookout for a reliable, robust MDM platform that could help them overcome these challenges. 

Solution: 42Gears pitched SureMDM, which enabled HOPI Holding to monitor, manage, and secure worker smartphones remotely. The solution also allowed mass enrollment of tools to streamline the process of adding new devices.

3. IndiGo

Challenges: IndiGo is a leading name in aviation travel services, and they needed a solution that could help them provision, monitor, and manage devices used by their employees in airports. Recognizing the need for a quick and responsive solution that enabled their employees to access the required resources from their website, IndiGo was looking for a platform that was flexible and capable of managing as well as securing devices.   

Solution: 42Gears offered SureMDM and SureLock to empower IndiGo’s IT team to monitor and manage their fleet of devices, while enabling remote troubleshooting and eliminating potential employee distractions. 

4. Blue Line

Challenges: To facilitate their digital transformation objectives, Blue Line Transportation provisioned tablets for its drivers to securely access relevant information and streamline internal communications. However, they noticed that the provisioned tablets were used for accessing other applications and websites, which led to a decrease in efficiency and productivity. In addition, they also felt the need for a solution that could help them remotely distribute permitted applications without manual intervention. 

Solutions: 42Gears provided Blue Line Transportation with a combined solution - SureMDM and SureLock. SureMDM helped their IT team monitor and manage tablets remotely while securely deploying relevant content and apps from a single console. SureLock enabled their IT team to lockdown their tablets to display permitted applications and websites only, which resulted in a significant improvement in employee productivity. 

How 42Gears Supports Digital Transformation with MDM for Today’s T&L Customers 

42Gears has a proud history of enabling T&L companies to adopt new digital transformation initiatives. Our ‘customer-centric’ approach has made us a trusted partner for over 15 years. Our industry-leading MDM solutions provide T&L businesses with the following benefits:

  1. Multi-OS device management capabilities

    : SureMDM supports all the major endpoint operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS andiPadOS, ChromeOS, Linux, and more. SureMDM is also a proven platform that offers support for legacy devices and systems, enabling customers to safeguard their investments and prolong the life of their devices. 
  2. Seamless device provisioning and application deployment:

    Our solutions have simplified the way T&L operations teams provision, monitor, and manage their fleets of devices. On-field employee devices can be secured, kept up-to-date with the latest OS and application updates, and can be easily managed from a single, unified web console. 
  3. Remote device diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities:

    T&L operations teams can now remotely diagnose device issues and troubleshoot without the need to physically fix devices. This capability ensures that all devices run optimally at all times. 
  4. Improve employee productivity:

    Our solutions have been at the forefront of enabling higher employee productivity and minimizing distractions, leading to improved operational efficiency and minimizing instances of device misuse. 

Our Journey Towards Empowering T&L Companies through Digital Transformation with MDM Continues

With new features frequently added to SureMDM, like Indoor Location Tracking and Mobile Threat Defense, we’re setting up our existing and future customers to stay ahead of the curve. While retaining our core value of ‘customer-centricity’, we continue to innovate and support the T&L industry with new MDM solutions to streamline and secure their ever-expanding fleet of devices.

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