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Case Study - Logistics

42Gears Fast tracks Android Deployment for Hopi Holding using Android Enterprise

HOPI Holding Strengthens Its Supply Chain With The Help of 42Gears

Business Overview

HOPI Holding is a leading logistics and transportation firm in Central Europe, with a fleet of well over 500 vehicles. 

The company works with both local and multinational companies, including firms like Haribo, Procter & Gamble, and Mondelez International. 

HOPI Holding also owns several subsidiaries in agriculture and food production, including the yogurt brand Hollandia.

Background and Challenges

HOPI Holding equipped workers in its supply chain with Android smartphones to improve inventory management and navigation. 

However, this introduced a few challenges:

  1. If the company had no way to easily manage smartphones, workers could use them for topics unrelated to work, harming productivity. 
  2. Configuring each device one by one was time-consuming and tedious.
  3. Workers would often need to download specific apps, but allowing them to use the Google Play Store increased the likelihood they would download games and other distractions.
  4. Workers also needed to make calls to fellow personnel, but without regulation, they could also make calls to friends or otherwise be distracted. 
  5. If employees did not connect to secure Wi-Fi networks, this could put sensitive customer data at risk.

The Solution

SureMDM by 42Gears

42Gears had the tools that HOPI Holding needed to secure devices and keep employees focused on the job. HOPI Holding implemented SureMDM, the 42Gears device management solution, in conjunction with Android Enterprise. 

Equipped with SureMDM, the company resolved its concerns quickly:


Name: HOPI Holding

Industry: Logistics and Transportation

Location: Central Europe (Headquartered in the Czech Republic) 

Products: SureMDM by 42Gears 

OS: Android

Device Type: Samsung Knox smartphones

Challenges: HOPI Holding improved its supply chain operations with smartphones, but setting up every device was difficult, and workers could be distracted or otherwise create new security risks. 

Solution:  SureMDM by 42Gears enabled HOPI Holding to monitor, manage, and secure worker smartphones remotely, while mass-enrollment tools streamlined the process of adding new devices.

  1. SureMDM enabled the company to easily monitor, manage, and secure all company smartphones from a single central console. 
  2. SureMDM’s mass-provisioning tools, such as registration via QR code, made it possible to enroll many smartphones at once. 
  3. The company used SureMDM’s Enterprise App Store feature to make a few select apps available to worker devices, while preventing workers from uninstalling them. 
  4. Using SureMDM, The company configured devices to only be capable of making calls from pre-approved contact lists (plus emergency numbers). 
  5. IT admins used SureMDM to restrict devices to connect only to secure Wi-Fi networks.


  1. HOPI Holding now has control over worker devices and ensures they remain secure at all times. Overall, the company has seen a 380% ROI for its investment in SureMDM. 
  2. Setting up new devices now takes a few minutes; before SureMDM, it took several hours.   
  3. Workers now have access to the apps they need, without any access to ones they don’t. This has improved productivity, resulting in a 25% increase in delivery operation efficiency.
  4. Workers can no longer be distracted by making unnecessary calls while on the job, further improving efficiency.
  5. Devices now connect only to secure networks, allowing HOPI Holding to fully safeguard sensitive data.


“Previously when we had to manage only few mobile devices, it was possible to configure them manually. But now that we have a huge fleet of mobile workforce to manage, we needed a technically sophisticated and easy-to-use EMM tool. With 42Gears EMM, we save a lot of time on device configuration. We are very impressed with the quick enrollment solution provided by them.

Hopi Holding chose 42Gears EMM as their response for support was quick, the platform was easy to access and interface is simple to use, which means little staff training was required.”

- Jakub Hnědkovský,
  System and Application Administrator
  Hopi Holding