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42Gears Capabilities

The Complete Endpoint Management Solution for All Your Enterprise Mobility Needs


42Gears offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities designed to streamline mobile device management (MDM) and elevate your enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy. Read on to discover how 42Gears empowers you to control, secure, and optimize your entire mobile device ecosystem.

1. Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Secure, monitor, and manage business devices with 42Gears robust MDM solution, SureMDM. Provision, track, and lock down devices as needed. Remotely troubleshoot user issues for a seamless mobile experience, all from a central console.

Enterprise Mobility Management

42Gears SureMDM empowers businesses to adopt a secure mobile strategy with its comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools. Manage apps, content, email, and mobile security across company and employee-owned devices remotely.

2. Enterprise Mobility Management
3. Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management

Gain control over your entire mobile device ecosystem with the unified endpoint management capabilities of SureMDM. Enforce consistent security policies, streamline workflows, gain valuable device insights to increase frontline productivity.

Multi-OS Support

Enable your entire workforce with a single solution, SureMDM. It seamlessly manages devices based on Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, WearOS, or Linux, and even supports VR headsets and IoT devices.

4. Multi-OS Support
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Remote Access

View device screens in real-time for efficient troubleshooting, remotely fix device issues, transfer files, and more. Role-based access ensures technicians only connect to authorized devices, keeping your mobile fleet secure and your IT team productive.

Android Shared Device Mode

Ensure easy sharing of Android devices among employees, like retail associates, field workers, and more. Boost device efficiency while ensuring data integrity by enabling employees to access pre-approved applications when logged in and restore the device to its default state upon logout.

6. Android Shared Device Mode
7. Mobile Threat Defense

Mobile Threat Defense

Safeguard your corporate data from evolving cyber threats with SureMDM Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution. SureMDM MTD protects your corporate data from malware, phishing attacks, and unauthorized application access, ensuring your business information remains secure on the go.

Data Loss Prevention

Prevent data breaches and leaks with SureMDM Data Loss Prevention solution. Secure sensitive information with application-level containerization, restrict data exchange between non-work apps, and enforce DLP rules for work-related content and apps.

8. Data Loss Prevention
9. Indoor Location Tracking

Indoor Location Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into the location of your mobile devices and assets within buildings to locate misplaced devices quickly and boost overall operational efficiency.

Intelligent Camera Blocking App

Prevent unauthorized camera usage with CamLock, an innovative solution offered by 42Gears. The solution disables smartphone cameras within designated areas, preventing employees from capturing pictures or videos of sensitive business data on their devices. 

10. Intelligent Camera Blocking App
11. Secure Email

Secure Email

Enforce robust email security policies and prevent data leaks with SureMDM. Configure email settings over-the-air for various platforms and limit access to compliant devices only, all from a centralized console.

Enterprise Contact Management

Streamline collaboration and communication for distributed teams with a central contact hub– AstroContact. Facilitate easy sharing of contacts across iOS and Android devices, ensuring easy access anytime, anywhere.

12. Enterprise Contact Management