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42Gears Offerings

Unify and Secure Your Endpoints with 42Gears' Comprehensive Device Management Solutions


42Gears empowers businesses to manage a diverse range of mobile device types, endpoints, and even Internet of Things (IoT) devices within a single, powerful platform. From smartphones and tablets to ruggedized devices and wearables, 42Gears robust and user-friendly solution can help you manage them all. Explore the full suite of 42Gears offerings to find the perfect fit for your unique device management needs.


BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Secure BYOD deployments with SureMDM. 42Gears BYOD MDM creates a secure work container on employee devices, allowing you to manage work data without compromising personal information.

Kiosk Mode

Leverage kiosk mode to transform devices—Android, Windows, iOS/iPadOS, or Linux—into a secure kiosk, perfect for retail, education, hospitality, and other sectors. Lock down devices and restrict device functionality to a specific set of applications and features. 

Android Kiosk Mode

Android Kiosk Mode

Transform Android tablets into secure, purpose-built kiosks with SureMDM Kiosk Mode. With kiosk lockdown configured, your devices will operate in an immersive kiosk environment, completely preventing unintended misuse and ensuring a smooth, focused user experience.

iPhone and iPad Kiosk Mode

Transform iPhones and iPads into secure single-app or multi-app kiosks by locking them down and granting access only to pre-approved apps and websites.


Rugged Device Management

Improve frontline worker productivity with 42Gears rugged device management solution. Deploy  apps, push updates, monitor device health, and do more remotely. Ensure that your rugged devices are optimized for performance with SureMDM—through partnerships with leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) like Zebra and Datalogic.

Things Management

Manage a wide range of "things" traditionally beyond the scope of device management tools. Effortlessly deploy, monitor, and manage any connected device—printers, RFID readers, handheld scanners, GPS trackers, sensors, cameras, and more—from a central SureMDM console.

things management

Wearable Management

Securely manage your workforce's smartwatches with 42Gears secure wearable management solution. Provision Wear OS smartwatches with apps and content, improve focus by minimizing distractions, and safeguard sensitive data, all from a central console.

Virtual Reality Device Management

Ensure efficient VR device management with SureMDM. Control VR content access for immersive customer demos or focused employee training. Remotely view VR screens to guide and assist users, minimize downtime with remote troubleshooting, and even customize VR experience with your branding for perfect brand alignment. 



Extend the capabilities of SureMDM with pre-built plugins that help perform high-level administrative functions easily. Alternatively, leverage free development tools to create custom plugins tailored to your specific needs.