iOS and iPad MDM

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iPad and iOS

iOS Device Management Made Simpler

MDM for iOS is an imperative for businesses that need more granular control over their devices. A trusted iPad and iOS MDM solution allows IT administrators to quickly enroll Apple iOS, iPad & iPad Pro devices, apply security policies, remotely wipe or lock devices, and install apps and content through Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager.

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What is Apple iOS and iPad MDM?

Apple iOS and iPadOS Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software platform that allows business IT teams to securely manage the setup, configuration, and ongoing maintenance of iOS and iPadOS devices. iOS and iPadOS MDM enables enforcement of strong security policies, the configuration of device settings, the management of applications (private as well apps downloaded from App Store), and device health monitoring. Additionally, features like remote support, device tracking, remote data wipe can help to keep devices secure, and company data protected.

What is iOS device management?

iOS device management refers to the process of managing, monitoring, and securing iPhone and iPad devices through appropriate policy enforcement and IT solution deployment. As the cyberattacks continue to become more and more sophisticated, businesses should consider deploying appropriate solutions to support device management in iOS based tablets and phones.

iPadOS and iOS MDM for Device Lifecycle Management


To begin iOS management and iPad management, you’ll first need to enroll them into an appropriate MDM solution. Next, you will provision iPhones and iPads by installing and configuring applications, applying security policies, and pushing content onto the iOS and iPadOS devices. After provisioning, you then deploy or deliver the devices to the end users. Once employees start using devices, admins can call on the iPadOS and iOS MDM tool to manage and track devices. If workers do not comply with best practices, you can use the iOS and iPadOS management solution to keep business data safe. Finally, once the devices become outdated or reach end-of-life (EOL), they are retired or decommissioned from the iPad and iOS MDM solution.

Capabilities of an Ideal iOS Device Management Solution


Enrollment: Set up your iOS and iPadOS network right away with SureMDM

SureMDM empowers you to easily set up, enroll, and manage iPhones and iPads right away.

  • Enroll Enterprise and Bring-Your-Own Devices Alike: SureMDM supports BYOD enrollment for iOS and iPadOS devices using User Enrollment, so employees use their own iPhones and iPads at work without compromising security.
  • Multiple Enrollment Methods: Initiate iPad management and iOS device management using SureMDM Nix Agent, the SureMDM on-device agent, in conjunction with Apple Business Manager.
  • Rapid Set-Up: Bundle many settings into a profile, and send that profile to each device for rapid set-up.
  • Customize Your Dashboard: The SureMDM Console features an intuitive dashboard. Set up the metrics you want to see, and find what you need at a glance using the Device Grid system.
  • Accommodates All Skill Levels: The SureMDM Console includes optional tutorials, so you always know what to do.

iOS Device Management: Keep iPadOS and iOS Devices Up-to-Date, Secure, and Compliant

SureMDM is the easiest iOS and iPadOS MDM solution for ensuring business and BYOD iPhones and iPads follow best practices in the workplace. Facilitate easy MDM for iOS devices.

  • iOS and iPadOS Update Management: Push updates to iOS and iPadOS devices automatically to ensure all devices are consistent and running the latest OS and security patches.
  • Acquire and Distribute Apps and Content: Use Apple’s content deployment programs to purchase and mass-distribute apps and books across all iOS and iPadOS devices.
  • Dynamic Restrictions: Automatically allow or prevent device use based on location, time of day, and Wi-Fi connection status.
  • Minimum Password Standards: Set minimum password complexity requirements for each device, ensuring would-be thieves cannot easily guess passwords.
  • Device Health Monitoring: Monitor devices remotely. Set up alerts for low-battery, connectivity and other non-compliance events.

Security: Keep Devices Safer with SureMDM

As more businesses incline towards the BYOD policy and mobile technology for work, the corporate network is at stake, which has enticed cybercriminals, who are now looking for ways to target them. With SureMDM, you can now protect devices and data.

  • Control Use of Peripherals: Prevent users and malicious actors from accessing device webcams or other unnecessary functionality.
  • Dynamic Restrictions: Automatically allow or prevent device users based on location, time of day, and Wi-Fi connection status.
  • Lost Device Recovery: See lost devices on a map in the SureMDM Console. From there, lockdown or erase iPhones and iPads to keep corporate data safe.
  • Rapid Messaging: Send emergency alerts from the central console to devices at any time, keeping everyone up-to-date in the event of an emergency.

iPadOS and iOS Kiosk Lockdown and Secure Browsing

Make off-the-shelf iPhones and iPads into high-quality kiosks for customers and employees with iPadOS and iOS remote management capabilities.

  • Kiosk Lockdown: Lock iPhones and iPads down to only pre-approved software.
  • Secure Browser Lockdown: Create a secure browser for iOS and iPadOS users, restricting devices to only websites you approve in advance.
  • Kiosk Video Player: Turn any iPad tablet into a secure video player, looping videos in a playlist and preventing viewers from tampering with or exiting video playback.

iOS Remote Management - Remote Control and Remote Troubleshooting

Remotely access any iOS or iPadOS device like it is directly in front of you.

  • Remote Control: Take control of iOS and iPadOS devices remotely.
  • Remote Troubleshooting: Repair devices whenever they need help with remote troubleshooting, and save money on transit costs.

Audits and Reports

Get any information you need at a moment’s notice

  • Inventory Audits: Monitor and locate your entire device inventory at a glance.
  • Analytics Reports On-Demand: Use SureMDM’s powerful Analytics Engine to find high-level patterns in the way your business uses Apple mobile devices, alongside every other device in your office. Plus, easily graph the data to share with others.

Key Features of iPad and iOS MDM


Quick Enrollment

Enroll devices over-the-air. Enroll in bulk via Apple DEP (now Apple Business Manager - ABM) and Apple Configurator.


Asset management

Manage Native iOS, Set up Passcode, Email, Restrictions, VPN, Wi-Fi, Exchange ActiveSync, HTTP Proxy, Certificates, and Single App Mode profiles.


Education Support

Utilize SureMDM with Apple School Manager and manage a range of education-focused Apple devices.


Home Screen Layout Profile

Configure the device home screen to only show the apps users need to see.

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Asset Management

View devices and device health from a centralized console. Organize by geography, business functions, users or any other criteria.

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Filter Web Content

Keep users on approved websites and block any other websites; alternately, dynamically filter by keywords when your needs extend beyond blocking specific sites.


Device Health Monitoring

View battery, memory, and cellular data usage remotely. Set up notification alerts.


Security Management

Set up strict passcode policies to prevent unauthorized access to corporate data. Use Remote Lock and Enterprise Wipe if employees use devices in noncompliance with corporate policy.


Location Tracking

Track devices in real-time. View location history.


Data Restriction

Set up different levels of iOS and iPadOS data usage limits and define actions for crossing data limits, like alerting the user or even blocking any further consumption of mobile data.


Screen Sharing

Use the native iOS and iPadOS Screen Sharing feature to access compatible iOS device screens without the use of a third-party screen sharing solution.

Mobile Application Management on iPhone

Deploy, Manage, and Secure Apps on iOS (iPhone) and iPadOS (iPad) devices
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Block or Allow Specific Apps

Create a “Blocklist” and “Allowlist” and assign apps to each.


Distribute Apps

Silently install custom or App Store apps on devices. Create your own Enterprise App Store and allow users to install apps on-demand.


Configure Apps

Per App Configuration using Apple App Configurator.


App Management SDK (Upcoming)

Prevent Copy/Paste outside container. Log into Secure Container (Authenticate to access Enterprise Apps). Single Sign On (SSO). Support for App Config Consortium Standards. App Wrapping SDK.

Content Management - iOS Management

Securely deliver data and keep it safe on iOS and iPadOS devices

Distribute Content

Remotely deliver eBooks, PDFs, etc. to devices.


API Support

Container Secure File System Management APIs.


Secure Corporate Content (Upcoming)

Wipe or delete company data from devices based on noncompliance with company policies, such as unauthorized attempts to connect to unsecured networks.

Types of Devices Managed by iPadOS and iOS MDM

An iPad and iOS remote management solution needs to support a variety of devices. These include enterprise-owned tablets and phones, as well as the iPhones and iPads that employees bring to work. With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) deployments, it is essential that an MDM solution does not overstep its boundaries and intrude on personal privacy. SureMDM works with Apple’s User Enrollment system to ensure that private data remains private on these BYOD iOS and iPadOS devices.



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What is iOS or iPad MDM (Mobile Device Management)? And what is it used for?

Apple iOS and iPad MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a technology used to remotely manage and secure iOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones, in a corporate or educational environment. The iOS MDM solution handles tasks such as enrolling devices (Device Enrollment Program - DEP), configuring device settings, and installing apps (Volume Purchase Program - VPP). DEP and VPP are now part of Apple Business Manager (ABM). In brief, an iPad MDM allows IT administrators to have complete control over the device fleet and to ensure that they are used by employees or students in compliance with the corporate or school policies.

Does SureMDM work well with ABM features such as VPP, DEP, etc.?

Yes, it does.

Can SureMDM help IT admins put kiosk mode on iOS/iPadOS devices for business use?

Yes, it can.

Can SureMDM help IT admins use iOS devices for branding purposes?

Yes, this is possible on supervised devices using SureMDM.

Can SureMDM help IT admins restrict user access to device functionality, apps, or media content?

Yes, once a device is enrolled into SureMDM, IT admins can easily do this.

Can SureMDM help IT admins configure iOS devices for educational institutions?

Yes, SureMDM has a feature named Education under the Profiles section of the online console to help admins configure iOS devices for schools and other educational institutions.

Is it possible for an IT admin to erase all the data stored on iOS devices remotely using SureMDM?

Yes, SureMDM has features to help remotely wipe the data stored on devices.

Can we remotely update the OS on iOS/iPadOS devices?

Yes, SureMDM has features to help IT admins remotely update the OS of iOS/iPadOS devices.

What OS versions of iOS and iPadOS does SureMDM support?

SureMDM supports iOS version 9 and above and iPadOS version 13 and above.

How does SureMDM ensure data privacy on iOS/iPadOS devices?

SureMDM works with Apple’s User Enrollment system to ensure data privacy on iOS devices.

Simple, Secure, & Scalable iOS and iPad MDM