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Making iOS and iPadOS Devices Enterprise-Ready
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Consumers love iOS and iPadOS devices for their sleek product design and easy-to-use interface. For the same reasons, employees also prefer to use iOS devices at work. However, managing iOS and iPadOS devices, their associated apps, and the corporate data these devices handle is a challenge for organizations.

SureMDM makes it easy to manage iOS and iPadOS devices through their enterprise life-cycle, from procurement to de-commissioning. Use SureMDM as part of your mobile strategy to ensure that you have complete control over your mobile devices, apps, and corporate data.

Mobile Device Management

Manage iPhone and iPad
Quick enrollment

Quick Enrollment
Enroll devices over-the-air. Enroll in bulk via Apple DEP and Apple Configurator.

Asset management

Manage Native iOS
Set up Passcode, Email, Restrictions, VPN, Wi-Fi, Exchange ActiveSync, HTTP Proxy, Certificates, Single App Mode profiles.

Manage native ios

Asset Management
View devices and device health from a centralized console. Organize by geography, business functions, users or any other criteria.

Device health Monitoring

Device Health Monitoring
View battery, memory, and cellular data usage remotely. Set up notification alerts.

Security management

Security Management
Set up strict passcode policies to prevent unauthorized access to corporate data. Use Remote Lock and Enterprise Wipe if employees use devices in noncompliance with corporate policy.

Location tracking

Location Tracking
Track devices in real-time. View location history.

data restriction

Data Restriction
Set up different levels of iOS and iPadOS data usage limits and define actions for crossing data limits, like alerting the user or even blocking any further consumption of mobile data.

screen sharing

Screen Sharing
Use the native iOS and iPadOS Screen Sharing feature to access compatible iOS device screens without the use of a third-party screen sharing solution.

Mobile Application Management

Deploy, Manage and Secure Apps on iOS and iPadOS devices
Distribute apps

Distribute Apps
Silently install custom or App Store apps on devices. Create your own Enterprise App Store and allow users to install apps on-demand.

Configure apps

Configure Apps
Per App Configuration using Apple App Configurator.

App management sdk

App Management SDK (Upcoming)
Prevent Copy/Paste outside container. Log into Secure Container (Authenticate to access Enterprise Apps). Single Sign On (SSO). Support for App Config Consortium Standards. App Wrapping SDK.

Mobile Content Management

Securely deliver data and keep it safe on iOS and iPadOS devices
Distribute Content

Distribute Content
Remotely deliver eBooks, PDFs, etc. to devices.

API support

API Support
Container Secure File System Management APIs.

Secure corporate content

Secure Corporate Content (Upcoming)
Wipe or delete company data from devices based on noncompliance with company policies, such as unauthorized attempts to connect to unsecured networks.

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Thumbnail Location Tracking iPhone and iPad

Location Tracking iPhone and iPad

Thumbnail iOS Screen Sharing in SureMDM

iOS Screen Sharing in SureMDM

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