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Mobile Device Management

Manage All Business Devices From A Single Console
mobile devcie managemet


As the use of mobile devices across industries rises, so does the need for a solution that can help businesses manage their mobile endpoints. SureMDM by 42Gears, a world-class mobile device management solution, allows IT admins to manage, monitor, and control all company- and employee-owned devices from a single console, regardless of where they are located or the operating system they run. It also allows them to generate custom and on-demand reports to analyse device, data, and app usage. SureMDM is a robust and reliable MDM solution that can scale up or down depending on business needs.

Essential Features



  • Configure device in bulk
  • Distribute mobile applications and manage updates
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of deployed devices
auditing trcking

Auditing, Tracking & Reporting

  • Provide device hardware and software inventories
  • Audit settings and monitoring sage to ensure compliance
  • Manage IT assets that fall under the purview of mobile device management


  • Ensure data security by wiping business data off lost or stolen devices
  • Ensure network security by allow Wi-Fi access without sharing passwords
  • Ensure app security by blocklisting unwanted apps and restricting app installation
kiosk mode icons

Kiosk Mode

  • Lock down business devices to a single or multiple approved apps
  • Allowlist websites to create web kiosks
  • Loop videos for digital signages and manage playlists remotely
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Remote Support

  • Troubleshoot device issues without in-person visits
  • View user screens remotely to ensure task compliance
  • Assure BIOS level control of Intel vPro devices for advanced remote control
Enterprise Data Protection

Enterprise Data Protection

  • Apply data encryption controls
  • Mitigate data loss and handle remediation measures
  • Expedite the process of hiring or terminating employees

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