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Case Study - Transportation

Blue Line Transportation Restricts Device Misuse with 42Gears Solutions

Business Overview

Based in Portland, US, Blue Line Transportation Co. is a specialized service provider of bulk transportation, truck and tank repair, fuel transportation, and product application. The company also offers taxi cab services in Ontario, Canada.

Background and CHALLENGES

Blue Line provides tablets to its drivers which are provisioned with work-related applications. These tablets play a critical role in the company’s operations as they allow the drivers to update their ride details. This helps them track the ride. However, the tablets also introduced some major challenges:

  1. The drivers accessed non-work-related applications. This made the tablets vulnerable to attacks. 
  2. As there were no restrictions in place, there was no way to monitor how mobile data was used.
  3. If apps needed to be updated on all devices, admins at Blue Line spent a lot of time updating apps manually on each device.

Industry: Transportation

Location: Portland, US 

Products: SureMDM and SureLock 

Operating System: Android 

Devices: SAMSUNG SM-T387W

Challenges: Blue Line Transportation distributed tablets to its drivers to streamline operations but needed a way to restrict the misuse of these devices and distribute apps efficiently.

Solutions: 42Gears eased the device management process for Blue Line. While SureLock helped them restrict device misuse, SureMDM enabled them to control the tablets remotely and update apps seamlessly.

The Solution

Blue Line overcame these device management challenges with 42Gears’ solution. The company deployed SureMDM and SureLock on all its devices. Soon, they were able to:

  1. Lock down the tablets into kiosk mode, restricting drivers from accessing entertainment and gaming apps.
  2. Lock the tablet screen while the vehicle was moving to ensure driver safety.


Blue Line Transportation has seen major benefits from implementing 42Gears software:

  1. Blue Line’s drivers use the tablets without any distraction, which has enhanced their productivity. It has also enabled them to restrict device misuse.
  2. The driver safety mode has helped reduce accidents occurring due to drivers engaging with the tablets while on the move.
  3. Blue Line has reduced mobile data overages.

Blue Line has been able to streamline their application deployment and updating process.


“Best product in the market with no downtime and always does what you want.”

George Mansell,
IT Admin Manager,
Blue Line Transportation.