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Automatically Redirect Browser to a Website on Android Device Inactivity

Do you have multiple allowed websites on your Lockdown Device?  Want Auto Redirect to SureFox Home Screen or one of the allowed websites after an idle timeout? Use SureFox‘s Idle Timeout option to force the screen to redirect itself to SureFox Home Screen or a website. Follow mentioned steps to enable Idle Timeout option: 1. Login to…

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SureFox Pro available now

Basic version of SureFox allows you to control which sites a user can view on their tablets or smartphones. Users can only browse the websites listed on the SureFox homescreen. Also there is no Address Bar where they can type any other website address. But this much control might not be sufficient for situations where…

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Tabbed Browsing in SureFox Kiosk Browser for Android

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform Android The much awaited feature upgrade for SureFox is here. SureFox Browser now lets you open multiple tabs at one time in Lockdown Mode. It helps you increase the productivity, thus making it a preferable web browser for business or any other purpose where multi-tasking is required. Configuring tabbed browsing in SureFox is…

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Viewing local web pages in SureFox Browser

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform Android SureFox allows you to display local html files in Android devices in kiosk mode. Just follow the steps below to use SureFox  in local mode: 1. Copy all the html content (html files, images, flash files, css, etc) into the SDCard on the device 2. Launch SureFox, access SureFox…

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