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Kiosk Mode for Android Tablets

Avoid Distractions. Secure Android Tablet Kiosks. Boost Productivity.


What is Kiosk Mode (for Android Tablets)?

Kiosk mode is a restricted mode of operation for a device that limits the user to a specific set of applications and functions. It is often used in public settings where it is important to prevent users from accessing unauthorized content or tablet features. Kiosk mode can be used on a variety of devices, including tablets, rugged devices, smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

Why Use Kiosk Mode for Android Tablets?

There are many benefits to using kiosk mode for Android tablets, including:


Increased Security

Kiosk mode prevents users from accessing unauthorized content or features, helping protect sensitive data.

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Improved User Productivity

Kiosk mode provides a simplified user interface that is designed for specific tasks, which can improve user experience and hence, user productivity. Restricting access to essential apps also reduces distractions and improves focus.

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Reduced IT costs

Kiosk mode can help reduce IT costs by limiting the need for user training and support as fewer incidents happen in the field. Moreover, enabling kiosk mode also prevents devices from unexpected or malicious meddling, eliminating the need to replace malfunctioning or damaged devices.

How to Put Android Tablets in Kiosk Mode?

To create a self-service kiosk with Android or secure Android tablets for business use, you can use SureLock, the #1 rated kiosk software for Android tablets on the Google Play Store. If you are looking for a free kiosk mode app for an Android tablet, check out SureLock, which offers a free version with some limitations. For a complete lockdown of your kiosk tablet, consider purchasing the subscription.

It's very easy to configure SureLock. You can also remotely configure SureLock from SureMDM, the 42Gears unified endpoint management solution, if you need to lock down a large number of Android tablets.

Who can Benefit from Kiosk Software for Android Tablets?

Kiosk software for Android tablets can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Here are some of the software applications that can benefit from leveraging secure Android tablets for business:

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Retail Kiosk Software
Access product catalogs, customer service portal, bill information, and self-checkout.

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Logistics, Warehousing, and Transportation Software
Get information about equipment and inventory, delivery details, package allotment, pinpoint a worker's location using GPS, and deliver field images to the control center.

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Education Kiosk Software
Access interactive learning materials, exam and course registration, campus navigation and maps, student/visitor check-in and check-out via portal, and spot student information centers.

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Healthcare Kiosk Software
Patient check-in and check-out, appointment scheduling, bill payments, picking up medicines, displaying health information/tips, patient surveys, hospital maps and navigation, telemedicine access, emergency notifications, updating patient records, and visitor check-in.

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Self-service Kiosk Software
Order food in self-service or takeaway restaurants, pay bills, book appointments, and fill out forms.

Here's what a SureLock user from the Transport Industry says -

I have found SureLock to be an essential tool for allowing us to control what apps and services our drivers have access to when using the in-vehicle tablets. It gives me assurance that they will not be changing settings, installing or deleting apps, and also using up data doing non- work related activities.

Which Tablet Models can be run in Lockdown Mode?

Several Android tablet models cater well to business kiosk mode use, but some perform better than others due to specific features, durability, and compatibility with kiosk software. Here are just a few OEMs that SureLock performs exceedingly well with.

Kiosk mode is a valuable tool for businesses and organizations that want to provide a secure and user-friendly experience for their customers and employees. SureLock offers comprehensive capabilities with which you can easily enable kiosk mode for your Android tablets.

Kiosk Software for Android Tablets