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SureFox Pro available now

Sep 03, 2012 | 42Gears Team

Basic version of SureFox allows you to control which sites a user can view on their tablets or smartphones. Users can only browse the websites listed on the SureFox homescreen. Also there is no Address Bar where they can type any other website address.

But this much control might not be sufficient for situations where full lockdown of the device is required.

SureFox Pro version has been released with the following new features:

  • Lock down Android Tablets and Smartphones to run SureFox in kiosk mode
  • Prevent and block launch of 3rd party applications from SureFox
  • Suppress system messages and notifications
  • Allow applications present on custom toolbar

You can enable SureFox Pro features as follows:

SureFox Pro Settings

SureFox Pro Settings

1. Access SureFox Admin Settings

2. Tap on SureFox Pro Settings

3. Check Enable Kiosk Mode to run SureFox in kiosk mode

4. Enable Watchdog Service to block launch of 3rd party applications

5. Enable Suppress System Windows to dismiss system dialogs and notifications

6. Enable Allow Toolbar Applications to automatically allow applications present on SureFox custom toolbar

7. Tap on Done to go back to SureFox Settings and follow on screen steps to enable SureFox as default homescreen

8. Your SureFox is ready to be used in kiosk mode

To know more about other features of SureFox, click here

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