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Android dominates the smart device market. Not just consumers, but even businesses have found immense use of these Android based tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and smartwatches. Whether these devices are brought into the workplace by the employees (BYOD) or are corporate owned, there are many challenges in securing, monitoring and managing these devices.

Mobile Device Management

Manage Android Devices from a Central Console
Quick enrollment

Device Enrollment
Enroll devices in seconds with QR code scanning and easily perform bulk enrollment

Device Lock-down

Device Lockdown
Limit access to only approved apps (i.e. Kiosk Mode) using SureLock

Location tracking

Location Tracking
Track devices on map in real-time,
Save historical data, Geo-tagging, Geo-fencing

Remote control

Remote Control
View device screen remotely and send touch events, Transfer files, Share clipboard data


Send messages to devices from central console

Browser lockdown

Browser Lockdown
Limit access to only approved websites using SureFox

Asset tracking

Asset Tracking
Keep track of company assets (phones and tablets)

Mobile Application Management

Deploy, manage, and secure apps on devices
Distribute apps

Enterprise App Store
Allow users to install In-house or Google Play Store Apps

Application distribution

Application Distribution
Push apps to mobile devices, Allow users to download apps on-demand through enterprise app store

Mobile Content Management

Securely deliver data and keep it safe on devices
Content delivery

Content Delivery
Deliver content to device remotely


Content Security
Secure content on mobile devices

Content removal

Content Removal
Wipe or delete company data from devices based on compliance policies such as unauthorized attempt to access data or attempt to connect to unsecured networks

Android Enterprise

Remotely manage and secure your device fleet
password policy

Password Policy
Enforce password policies on each employee device

mail configuration

Enterprise Email
Setup user email accounts on devices from the central console

Configure apps

Configure Applications
Restrict employee access to apps and settings

wipe device

Enterprise Wipe
Remove company data from device if it is lost, stolen, or needs to be retired

Enterprise container

Enterprise Container
Restrict copy and paste actions for Enterprise data

contaiiner encryption

Container Encryption
Secure corporate data by encrypting the application container

Android app restriction

Android App Restrictions
Configure individual app settings from the central console

42Gears is a Google Android Enterprise solution provider. Learn more...

Bring your Own Device (BYOD)


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a corporate IT policy that allows employees to use their personal devices at the workplace. Employees can setup company email or can access intranet website on their personal phone or tablet. However, for IT, it is important to ensure that the data is safe and viewed only by employees. Various measures can be taken to achieve this goal. Read More...

strict password policy

Enforce Strict Password Policy
Ensure that a strong password is setup on the device before allowing access to corporate resources

app contanerization

App Containerization
Secure corporate applications and data by running the app inside a container, operations such as copy/paste are not also allowed

enterprise wipe-byod

Enterprise Wipe
If a device is lost or an employee leaves the company, only corporate data is wiped remotely from the device

VPN security

VPN Security
Ensure corporate data is transferred securely over
the network

Android Wear Management


Remotely manage and secure your Android Smartwatches.

Health monitoring

Health Monitoring
Remotely monitor and set device health alerts.


Location Tracking
Real-time location tracking and montoring.

Easy messaging

Easy Messaging
Two-way messaging with broadcasting option.

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