Enterprise Mobility Management Solution for SMBs

  • Remote screen control
  • Remotely install applications and transfer files
  • Track, locate and monitor devices in real time
  • Remotely lock and wipe data
  • Track Statistics using built-in Analytics Engine
  • Best in class Enterprise Mobility Management Solution
Enterprise Mobility Management

Cloud based. No Server Setup Required. On-Premise option available.

Things I Can Do With SureMDM

Device Security
  • Remote Locking
  • Remote Data Wipe
  • Enforce corporate password policies
  • Detect rooted devices
Software Distribution
  • Push applications and software patches
  • View installed applications
  • Remotely uninstall unwanted applications
Location Tracking
  • Real-time location tracking on map
  • Location History
  • Uses GPS and Network-based Location
  • Export location data
Device Health Monitoring
  • Battery status
  • Memory and Storage status
  • Network signal strength
  • Send messages to mobile users
  • Broadcast messages
  • Two-way messaging
  • Get read and delete notifications
  • Works on WiFi and Cellular networks
Remote Helpdesk Support
  • Remote Control
  • View Remote Screen
  • Remote File Explorer
  • Remote Registry Editor
  • Copy files to and from remote devices
Device Lockdown
  • Block installation of third-party apps
  • Password protect Unauthorized apps
Device Grouping
  • Hierarchical Grouping of devices
  • Manage devices from multiple customers
  • Groups devices based on geography, departments etc
Branding Support
  • Brand the solution as your own
  • Use your company logo and theme

SureMDM Deployment Options

We offer our world class Enterprise Mobility Management platform in two easy deployment options - our Cloud, supported by Amazon Web Services, Or your On-Premise servers. To learn more about what to consider and how to choose between SureMDM Cloud/Saas and On-Premise Deployment, click here