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Windows 10 Digital Signage Kiosks

Effortlessly transform Windows 10 Devices into Digital Signage Displays

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Windows 10 is the most common operating system powering business devices worldwide, including point-of-sale devices, desktops, tablets, laptops and more. Among the myriad purposes Windows 10 devices serve, they function as digital signage screens to display marketing content. To avoid creating security concerns, such devices need to be converted into video kiosks. This is what SureVideo for Windows 10 digital signage kiosks does.

How Can SureVideo for Windows 10 Digital Signage Kiosks Help Businesses

SureVideo for Windows 10 video kiosks helps convert off-the-shelf Windows 10 devices into digital signage displays, saving businesses time, money, and effort when compared to building standalone kiosks. SureVideo ensures:


Device Safety

Kiosks used by the public are prone to damage and misuse. Thus, it’s imperative for businesses to ensure that users can only use them for the purpose they are meant to serve. The SureVideo Windows video kiosk solution helps organizations remotely convert their devices into purpose-specific tools so they can only display pre-approved content. This not only prevents misuse but also saves maintenance costs.

Cost-Savings (2)

Cost Savings

Unlike traditional signage, SureVideo eliminates the need for redesigning, reprinting, and redistributing collaterals for each promoted product or campaign. Updating content becomes efficient, saving both time and money.

Enhanced-Customer-Engagement (1)

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Display promotional videos, product images, or any related content for your business which can lead to opportunities for greater sales.

Key Features of SureVideo for Windows 10 Digital Signage Kiosks

SureVideo for Windows 10 video kiosks is a feature-rich solution that simplifies the configuration of digital signage displays for organizations. With SureVideo, businesses can easily convert their devices into dedicated digital signage displays and add the desired content to be showcased on their Windows digital signage screens.


Smart Digital Signage

Play selected videos, images, and presentations in full-screen mode.


Screensaver Mode

Enable video screensavers on all types of Windows 10 devices - desktops, laptops, phones and tablets


Settings File Import and Export

Export and import settings to and from files for easy configuration

Which Industries can SureVideo for Windows Digital Signage Kiosks help?

SureVideo for Other Platforms

Transform Windows 10 Devices into Digital Signage Easily.