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CloudTags Blends Digital and Physical Experience for Retail Customers with Help from SureFox and SureMDM

CloudTags is an Atlanta-based data start-up working with brick-and-mortar retailers to connect their digital and physical customer experiences. CloudTags’ technology allows in-store customers to create digital collections of everything they interact with by using location based devices that are provided by the retailer. CloudTags uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow shoppers to digitally…

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SureLock helps Ever Africa in its Fight Against Crime in South Africa

Ever Africa invests in ventures in the ICT space in Africa, with an emphasis on applications that have a positive social impact in the telecoms, media and security sectors. Their latest mobile app Namola, is a security application which aims at use of mobile technology to fight crimes in City of Tshwane. This free application…

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How to hide or disable Top Notification Bar in Android?

Are you planning to give Android devices to your employees or use it as a kiosk in your store? For such deployments, using the Android device without proper lockdown might not be a good idea as this invites unnecessary activities on the device like gaming, unsupervised browsing, downloads etc. This results in wastage of productive hours…

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How to lockdown your Android tablets to play only allowed videos?

Applies to: Product SureVideo Platform Android There are times when you want to set up a product demo kiosk in a mall or an interactive kiosk for your visitors at a Trade Fair. It becomes very important to deliver your statement in an interesting and engaging way. And what can work better than a kiosk…

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How to play videos at start-up on an Android device?

Whether it is a Trade Show Booth or a Information Kiosks at a mall, videos does say a lot than standard static slides running on the display. SureVideo can help you achieve this with its simple setup and functionality. Download and Install SureVideo on your Android tablet or Android Stick like any other Android Applications and it…

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Kiosk Mode on Android with SureLock

SureLock locks down Android based tablets and smartphones to prevent unwanted device misuse. You can control which applications and device features can be used by the end-user. For e.g. you can block access to games such as Angry Bird, social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter or browsers etc. In most cases you may allow…

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