SureLock helps Ever Africa in its Fight Against Crime in South Africa

Apr 22, 2015 | 42Gears Team

ever africa

Ever Africa invests in ventures in the ICT space in Africa, with an emphasis on applications that have a positive social impact in the telecoms, media and security sectors. Their latest mobile app Namola, is a security application which aims at use of mobile technology to fight crimes in City of Tshwane. This free application has empowered GPS enabled Android smartphone or tablet users to directly send alerts to the nearest Tshwane Metro Police armed responders and request for assistance.

Ever Africa faced challenges with the misuse of devices given to the armed responders. Android smartphones given to the police were powerful general purpose devices which had numerous applications for information, fun and entertainment. This caused shift in responders’ focus to unwanted activities on the devices rather than the task at hand. The data connectivity on the device if misused would result in huge mobile bills. To overcome these challenges, Ever Africa did an extensive search for a solution and found SureLock to be the perfect product for locking down the armed responders’ devices. Users were given access to only applications that were required to perform their tasks.

SureLock gave Ever Africa a comprehensive solution to ensure that all the devices were used only for intended purpose. It was key to the success of their project and helped them take a major step towards making a positive social impact.

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