Difference between SureFox iOS and SureFox Lite iOS

Applies to:
Product SureFox
Platform iOS

SureFox Kiosk Browser iPad and iPhone is available in two versions – SureFox and SureFox Lite. Following are the differences between the two versions:

Main Features  SureFox Lite  SureFox
Allow browsing of only allowed websites
Change SureFox Admin Password
Restrict Access to SureFox Settings 
Prevent Device Suspend
Allowed Website’s Icon Customization
Brightness Control
Enable Browser Plugins
Set Screen Orientation
Enable Upload Server
Enable/Disable Zoom
Enable Upload Server
Set Customized Wallpaper 
Enable Screensaver
Import Settings using File
Import Settings using Cloud
Import Settings using URL
Export Settings to a file
Reset SureFox Settings
Export Settings to Cloud Limited
SureFox Watermark on Browser Screen Х
iAds  Х

The three main differences:

1. SureFox Lite version has limitation of only one Cloud ID to export settings whereas in SureFox full version, there are no limitations.

2. SureFox Lite version has a SureFox watermark on the browser screen.

3. SureFox Lite shows iAds while browsing.


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