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Difference between SureFox iOS and SureFox Lite iOS

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform iOS SureFox Kiosk Browser iPad and iPhone is available in two versions – SureFox and SureFox Lite. Following are the differences between the two versions: Main Features  SureFox Lite  SureFox Allow browsing of only allowed websites √ √ Change SureFox Admin Password √ √ Restrict Access to SureFox Settings  √…

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Announcing SureFox for iOS

Imagine a secure and customizable browsing experience designed specifically for iOS and iPad devices; that’s SureFox for you. This powerful kiosk lockdown solution is tailored for businesses and users looking to gain control over their internet browsing. With SureFox, companies can lock down their devices to access only approved websites, ensuring employee productivity and data…

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Automatically Redirect Browser to a Website on Android Device Inactivity

Do you have multiple allowed websites on your Lockdown Device?  Want Auto Redirect to SureFox Home Screen or one of the allowed websites after an idle timeout? Use SureFox‘s Idle Timeout option to force the screen to redirect itself to SureFox Home Screen or a website. Follow mentioned steps to enable Idle Timeout option: 1. Login to…

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