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Enterprise Mobility Management | Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management

Securely distribute content to enterprise mobile devices


With the advent of BYOD and other mobile strategies, organizations are now giving employees access to corporate files and documents through multiple mobile devices to enhance productivity. In the process, they become vulnerable to risks of data leaks and malicious threats.

Mobile Content Management (MCM), an advanced feature within EMM suite, is an enterprise file synchronization and sharing solution. Additionally, MCM offers collaboration and advanced policy enforcement across various mobile devices used in the enterprises. The EFSS feature- “File Store” allows employees to securely access content, push and pull documents. It also offers data loss protection (DLP) functionality on Android and iOS devices.

With Mobile Content Management Solution, enterprises can easily create a document library and share content like images, videos and other files across all enrolled devices.

MCM Features

Policy Enforcement

Apply content level policies with MCM functionality through device-independent encryption keys, authentication, file-sharing rules and copy/paste restriction.

Content Push

Publish and distribute files of any size through Enterprise File Sync.

Enforce rules for file distribution, deletion and replacement.

Content Security

Securely manage files within a container.

Prevent and control unauthorized data sharing.

MCM Benefits

MCM Benefits-04
  • Easy accessibility, sharing and collaboration of documents helps to drive mobility at business.
  • Central management of documents through a single console helps to improve productivity at work.