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Mobile Technology Improves Efficiency and Customer Service for Taxi Operators


Taxi operators today equip their drivers with the latest smartphones and tablets, making drivers more efficient at picking up customers and dropping them off at their destinations. Through smartphone apps, drivers directly get in touch with passengers, exchanging their location details and meeting at a rendezvous point. On the customer side, the app helps passengers identify the taxi and the exact location and time at which the taxi will reach them.

While equipping their drivers with mobile devices, taxi operators face the risk of drivers possibly tampering with device settings, consuming excessive mobile data, getting distracted while driving, and using company devices for personal enjoyment instead of work.

42Gears Helps Taxi Operators Use Mobile Devices Effectively

Tablets in modern taxi fleets display real-time GPS-driven maps that allow drivers to plan their routes. However, taxi operators worldwide have realized that this poses a challenge, as some drivers are not well-acquainted with the use of smartphones and tablets; even if these drivers were to be trained, the learning curve would be steep.  On the other hand, drivers who are comfortable using smartphones and tablets could potentially appropriate these devices for their personal use, forcing the device owners to pay huge data-consumption costs.

With the help of our product SureLock, tablets and other in-taxi devices can be locked down to permit access only to allowed applications (also known as Kiosk Mode). With SureLock, taxi operators can set up Kiosk Mode and prevent device misuse, driver distraction and excessive data consumption.

Top transportation companies rely on 42Gears


42Gears provides reliable solutions for securing and managing devices deployed in the transportation industry.

Device Security

Use our products to prevent the misuse of mobile devices by taxi drivers by locking in-taxi devices down to only pre-approved applications. We allow you to password-protect device settings so that they cannot be modified by drivers intentionally or unintentionally. You can set devices to be used exactly the way you want in terms of permitted applications and content. This will help you protect your devices from malware, giving them longer life and better performance.

Diagnostics and Reporting

We help you ensure that your devices are always fit for use by regularly monitoring the health of your fleet’s devices. You will also get alerts and notifications when drivers cross data consumption thresholds. Improve process efficiency by collecting data and performing diagnostics, and then generate reports based on that data. You can use these reports to optimize your fleet’s operations and keep your expenses in check.

Device Deployment and Management

42Gears provides easy mass-configuration options so that your devices can be set up in no time and can quickly be ready-to-use for drivers. After deployment, managing these devices is simple and easy with our centralized web console. All devices can be tracked and monitored in real-time. Wiping data, pushing software and taking control of devices can all be done remotely in bulk, without needing to attend to each device individually, saving you precious time.

Support and Maintenance

We help you maintain and support a large number of devices spread across different cities with ease. With our product you can remotely take control of a device on the field for providing real-time technical support for drivers. We let you group your devices and schedule maintenance activities like scans and software upgrades.

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