Case Study - Logistics and Transportation


Gore Nitrogen improves driver efficiency with help from 42Gears products

Gore Nitrogen maintains a quality reputation in the industrial, pipeline, and oil field service industries. Since its inception in 2001, Gore Nitrogen has experienced a steady growth. Located in, and primarily serving the mid-continental area, Gore Nitrogen has positioned itself for continued growth in the future.

Gore Nitrogen Pumping Service focuses on customer satisfaction by providing quality, cost-efficient operations with reliable results. The mission of Gore Nitrogen is to safely and proficiently deliver high quality work with emphasis on service to customers, innovation and professionalism.

Specializing in nitrogen pumping and transportation services as well as fracturing services, Gore Nitrogen offers a variety of nitrogen, stimulation and fracturing services including: pressure testing, purging, drying, oil well completion, well stimulation, nitrogen transports, foam fracturing, pipeline services, remote data transmitting and many other services.


At any given time, there are about 60 Gore Nitrogen truck drivers in the field transporting different items such as liquid nitrogen or various pieces of frac equipments. These truck drivers had to fill out paper logs to show how they used their time; driving, sleeper berth, off duty, or on duty not driving. However, with recent changes in federal regulations, Gore Nitrogen was required to switch to an electronic logging system. After looking at various options, Gore Nitrogen decided to adopt a tablet-based approach as it was the most economical and operator friendly choice.

With the adoption of mobile technology, each driver now was equipped with a tablet. Since these tablets would be connected to a cellular network, Gore Nitrogen needed a solution to be able to lock down these tablets so that data wouldn’t be used on non-essential apps. It also needed the ability to push approved app updates to the devices remotely and keep track of tablets in case of theft or loss.

Gore Nitrogen knew that without the tablets being locked, it would incur vast data coverage fees and potentially have non-essential apps open that would conflict with driver logging apps which needed to always have priority. While the devices may have been designed for multiple uses, Gore Nitrogen didn’t want these new tools becoming distractions to the drivers while they were driving or working.

While the devices may have been designed for multiple uses, Gore Nitrogen didn’t want these new tools becoming distractions to the drivers while they were driving or working.


Gore Nitrogen looked at a few different solutions on the Google PlayStore, but it couldn’t find anything even close to what 42Gears products could do. With 42Gears, the ability to offer lockdown, remote support, remote management, and location tracking were all available in one single package.

Gore Nitrogen was not only able to manage the devices remotely with SureMDM, but was also able to push new SureLock settings including layout customizations and approved apps remotely. Gore Nitrogen kept one device at the office with identical settings to ones in the field. Whenever the admins required new changes, they just made the changes to settings on the office device and once they were satisfied with how the new configuration functioned, pushed the settings to multiple devices at once.

Gore Nitrogen also realised that with SureMDM, there were no issues if few of the enrolled devices were not connected to the internet or if they were switched off during the time settings were being pushed. The next time drivers powered up and connected to the internet, the job was automatically picked up and executed.

The entire process of deploying the two solutions on 50 tablets took less than a minute per device. Gore Nitrogen was also impressed by the dashboard view of SureMDM complete with battery percentage, version numbers, signal percentage and the ability to schedule and push jobs remotely.

Gore Nitrogen also found SureLock and SureMDM easy to understand and use especially with the help of available support and online resources.


SureLock solved the problem Gore Nitrogen was facing as it offered all the features needed to secure and lock down the devices. Gore Nitrogen now do not have to worry about its drivers being distracted. SureLock ensures that the drivers use only the apps they need to perform their job functions. This has resulted in Gore Nitrogen saving a considerable amount of money on cellular bandwidth and device maintenance. 

SureMDM remote support allowed Gore Nitrogen to help in diagnosis and troubleshooting of problems its employees were facing in the field. This has allowed the IT team to document and work on issues without having to drive hours to help them in remote areas.

Additionally, being able to push various updates remotely saved time and resources by not having to manually gather devices from the field and individually update before returning them back to the field.

Gore Nitrogen mentions that the amount of time SureLock and SureMDM saved is invaluable. It allowed the company’s IT team to focus on other areas that needed improvement.


“42Gears has by far been the best I’ve ever worked with. They always understand the problem, don’t try to place blame, and always have a solution. The dashboard view of SureMDM complete with battery percentage, version numbers, signal percentage, etc. is my favorite."

Brandon Bensch,
Information Technology Director,
Gore Nitrogen Pumping Service