Case Study - Transportation

RedTaxi gets an edge over its competitors with a mobile app and 42Gears products

RedTaxi is a luxury cab service in South India founded by a group of budding entrepreneurs. Started in June 2012, RedTaxi is on its way to becoming an efficient and successful service. Currently, it has a fleet of more than 600 cabs. Its motto “purely business class” speaks for itself, and is an indication of the amazing on road experience it provides. RedTaxi wants to make people look forward to traveling, rather than think twice about it. Its services include-

  1. Luxury Taxi service on call
  2. Luxury Tour cabs
  3. Sightseeing package trips
  4. Quick and reliable service

RedTaxi is currently operating in parts of South India. The whole region has been long known for having an excellent industrial potential. Since good transportation is vital to any industry, RedTaxi chose Coimbatore as it is an ideal place to start the service. The rapid expansion of this city means it is becoming more difficult to stay connected to the whole city. RedTaxi helps people stay connected by making sure people in the city always get a cab easily.


For a long time, RedTaxi drivers were dependent on phone calls to pick up passengers, but the scenario changed with the introduction of tablets and smartphones. RedTaxi decided to come up with a mobile app to enhance customer experience and maintain its leadership in the taxi service business in South India.

The company subsequently launched an app that informs passengers about the taxi number, exact location of the taxi and the time it would take for it to reach them. While the app was being developed, RedTaxi also wanted to give its drivers a similar interface as passengers would have on their phones. So it decided to deploy smartphones in all its taxis. The smartphones in the fleet would display a real-time GPS-driven map that allows drivers and passengers to follow their progress. However, RedTaxi realized that this would pose a challenge as most of their drivers were not well acquainted with the use of smartphones and even if trained, the learning curve would be steep.  On the other hand, the drivers who were familiar with operating the devices could potentially misuse the GPS enabled devices for their personal use causing huge data usage costs.

Since RedTaxi planned to deploy smartphones in its fleet, it required a way to manage all the devices. Since the number was large, RedTaxi wanted a robust solution that would help them restrict the usage of phones to only a few allowed apps.


RedTaxi did a detailed evaluation of products available for device lockdown and chose SureLock from 42Gears. SureLock provided a comprehensive set of features and helped RedTaxi overcome challenges in the following ways:

  • Ensured that drivers accessed only the allowed applications. They were also not confused with the numerous unwanted applications.
  • Device settings were accessible only to the admin with a password. The drivers did not have access to device settings and so were not able to change it even unintentionally.
  • Mass deployment of devices was achieved over a short period of time.
  • Learning the product was easy for RedTaxi’s IT team because of the simplicity and intuitiveness of the workflows.

SureLock from 42Gears met all the requirements of RedTaxi.


"SureLock with its numerous features can be easily tailored to our precise needs."


RedTaxi now has a modern system of taxi service which provides its customers an enhanced experience. The drivers are equipped with the latest smartphones, which have made them a lot more efficient in terms of picking up customers and dropping them off at their destinations in quick time. RedTaxi is not worried about misuse of smartphones or tampering of device settings anymore.


SureLock offered us a solid platform to lock all deployed devices to a few required applications which are really serving our purpose. SureLock with its numerous features can be easily tailored to our precise needs. The support from 42Gears has been great with quick response to all our queries.”

Manager - Managing Partner,
Eagle Fleets Services