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Brand Your SureMDM Web Console

SureMDM has been throughout a perfect Mobile Device Management solution and now has become more customizable. Now you can personalize your SureMDM Web Console with the introduction of a new feature – Branding Info. With Branding Info, you can personalize following things: Title and Sub Title on the top left of the screen Text Message…

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Export Location Tracking Data using SureMDM

One of the best features about SureMDM is locating your devices anywhere in the world. With just a click of a button on SureMDM Web Console, you can see real-time location of devices on a map. Now, we have gone one step ahead and with the new update in SureMDM, you can export the location data of a…

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Advanced Location Tracking of Mobile Devices with SureMDM

SureMDM now comes with advanced location tracking features which provide real-time location information as well historical breadcrumb trail of locations for mobile devices. The tracking information can be used to know the current location of a device as well as use the locations where the device has been through before it reached the destination. This feature…

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