Advanced Location Tracking of Mobile Devices with SureMDM

SureMDM now comes with advanced location tracking features which provide real-time location information as well historical breadcrumb trail of locations for mobile devices. The tracking information can be used to know the current location of a device as well as use the locations where the device has been through before it reached the destination. This feature can be used by logistics, warehousing, on-site engineers or any industry which has its devices out in the field to keep a track of the device and its user’s location. The following location tracking features are now supported in SureMDM:

  • Locate multiple devices on single map
  • Real-time display of location with auto-update of map every 10 seconds
  • Historical breadcrumb data to display locations of device(s)
  • Turn ON/OFF location tracking for individual device
  • Configure periodicity interval for individual device after which it updates its location to server
  • Configurable Date & Time Interval in History view

To enable your device(s) for tracking, follow these steps:

1. In SureMDM Web Console, click on the device for which you want to configure location tracking

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2. In theDevice Information panel on the right, click Edit of Location Tracking.

3. Turn On Location Trackingoption and select Tracking Periodicity (in minutes) from the drop-down menu.

4. Click OK to update device tracking.


To track your device(s), follow these steps:

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console, select your device(s) that you want to track and click on Locate as shown in screenshot below.

2. SureMDM Location Tracker screen opens in a new tab. The left panel displays the list of devices being tracked and main screen shows the map with options to switch between RealTime and History mode tracking.

3. The device list also displays the status of the device at any point of time.

green_check A Tick Mark means tracking is enabled and location is also available. Everything is perfect.

yellow_warning A Warning Mark means tracking is off but location is available with SureMDM server.

red_cross A Cross Mark means tracking is not enabled and location is also not available.

The second column displays the status of device: 

green_available A Green Light means the device is currently online.

grey_availableA Grey Light means there is a problem between server and device’s connectivity and the device is offline.


SureMDM Location Tracker window has two options:

RealTime: The Real Time mode displays the current location of the device. Click on the device to display the device name and time at which location was last received from the device. RealTime Mode has the following options:

– Refresh : The Real Timemap auto refreshes itself every 10 seconds. However, you can refresh manually using the Refresh button at any point of time.

Note:  Refresh only refreshes the map to display the latest available location from the device. This does not fetch the location from device.

– History: The History mode displays the historical track of the device. Click on the device to display the device name and time at which location was last received from the device. History Mode has the following options:

    • Clear History – Clears the tracking history details of the device.
    • Modify – Updates the date and time for which the device location history has to be displayed.
    • Export – Exports the location tracking history.

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