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HIPAA Compliance – Securing Healthcare Data on Mobile Devices

The influx of mobile devices in workspaces has changed the perception of governing bodies about healthcare data security policies. With the invention of mobile and internet technologies, the method of data transmission has evolved considerably. Mobile devices allow access to corporate data and applications from any part of the world via Cloud services and remote…

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5 ways to secure and protect confidential patient data on mobile devices

As hospitals embrace mobile devices for daily work and store patient data, securing them is getting inevitable and difficult. According to a report published by Institute for Health Technology Transformation 2015, patient records are easily available in the black market and is valued at $50 per patient. The same report also mentioned that the amount…

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Retail Kiosks – Got a tablet and 2 minutes?

Follow @42gears Gone are those days when a whole set of hardware and expensive software were needed to set up a retail kiosk in a store. The new mobile/tablet-based retail kiosks are versatile and support new innovative ways to enhance your customer experience. Mobile devices are now widely being used as customer focused mobile POS…

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Useful Battery Saving Tips for Android devices running SureFox/SureLock

 Applies to: Product SureLock/SureFox Platform Android With the increasing trend of using mobile devices like tablets and android TV sticks for kiosks, information terminals and digital signage, lockdown kiosk software are now expected to do more than just the basic function of locking down the devices. With most of the setups set/deployed at high traffic…

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Trade Shows, Exhibtions and Conferences with Right Device Lockdown Solution

Trade Shows, Conferences and Exhibitions are great ways to achieve heightened visibility of your company as well as the products. They provide you with opportunities to network with potential customers and in a way works as a market research when you get on-the-spot spontaneous feedback on your products and services However all these are achievable only…

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Mobilize your business with Windows Mobile

Do you have people in your company who are always on the move, to meet customers or to perform field jobs? Yes! Well…your mobile workforce needs the power of mobile computing to do the job quickly and efficiently. Any mobile solution consists of a suitable mobile device (hardware) and a business application (Software) that runs…

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