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Trade Shows, Exhibtions and Conferences with Right Device Lockdown Solution

Aug 22, 2013 | 42Gears Team

Trade Shows, Conferences and Exhibitions are great ways to achieve heightened visibility of your company as well as the products. They provide you with opportunities to network with potential customers and in a way works as a market research when you get on-the-spot spontaneous feedback on your products and services

However all these are achievable only if you are appropriately prepared and ready for such events. And being ready not only means prepping your product or picking the right event and location or defining the goals or having the best team for the show but it also means using the right medium to showcase you products.

Lockdown devices and Kiosks provide you a whole range of benefits when used in such events:

  • Creates a unique identity for your booth
  • Easy and Improved Customer Interaction
  • Interactive Medium for Product Display and Showcase
  • Works a digital signage for communicating your messages
  • Low Maintenance and no Manual assistance required
  • Ability to play Informational Videos or other media files
  • Versatile and Customizable

Kactus Games also had similar thoughts when they planned to participate in PAX Australia Trade Show in Melbourne. They wanted to showcase their new game and wanted to use ready Android devices as kiosks and hand held device for the visitors to have real time experience playing the game. A good thought and strategy for a trade show however they foresaw following challenges:

  • Locking down the device to just one application i.e. their game
  • Securing sensitive information in the device
  • Securing Device Settings from intentional or unintentional interference
  • Lockdown solution that would be easy to use, configure and maintain as the trade show was for 3 days

Kactus Games finally narrowed down from all the solution available and chose SureLock to help them with their needs and challenges.

Kactus Games - SureLock

SureLock helped Kactus Games in following ways-

  • Easy to set up, use and maintain with simple functionality and features
  • Versatile enough to be used for digital signage as well as demo devices for the games
  • Provided complete lockdown of the device with just one allowed application
  • Sensitive Data/Information and Device Settings all locked and protected with a password

SureLock is one of the product among a whole range of lockdown products supporting various platforms. To know more about these products and free trials click here.

To know more about SureLock, visit

For Free Trial, click here.


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