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Hydrauvision Adopts BYOD with 42Gears

Aug 03, 2018 | 42Gears Team

Leading Hydraulic Drive System Manufacturer Adopts BYOD with 42Gears Banner

The practice of allowing employees to use their own personal devices for work purposes has long sparked intense debates across corporate ecosystems. Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) offers several advantages such as better work-life balance for employees, higher employee productivity, better flexibility and improved employee happiness. Businesses also save money on hardware costs when they allow workers to use personal devices to perform daily official tasks. But letting employees bring their own devices to work comes with the predefined challenge of providing a secured and managed environment that can control loss of corporate data in the workplace.

Hydrauvision, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic drive systems has been designing and building turnkey systems for a vast array of industrial sectors. The company employs large number of engineers and specialists of hydraulic components and systems. Its employees are accustomed to use their own personal mobile devices (Android and iOS) to conduct everyday operations such as accessing corporate mails, and downloading files to viewing corporate documents.


The Challenge

Allowing employees to use their own personal devices at work in an unsecured environment led to unfiltered and unmonitored exchange of critical and official data in the form of emails and attachments. Open and unfiltered exchange of corporate data through unmonitored employee-owned devices was putting sensitive data at risk.  

Hydrauvision wanted to offer secure access to corporate emails on the employee devices and ensure that critical and confidential company data stays protected, without curbing on employees freedom to use their own devices. Also, selectively wipe corporate data and apps when an employee leaves the company.


The Solution

Hydrauvision opted for 42Gears BYOD solution to provision its employee devices using Android Enterprise. It separates corporate data from personal data on employee-owned devices through containerization and provides access to native email client. The company is able to ensure secure email access to corporate email accounts for its employees, which essentially means all official mails and documents sent as attachments are governed by security policies defined by the organization and they cannot be copied to the personal folder of employee devices. It also allows Hydrauvision to remotely wipe out official email accounts and their data, if any breach occurs due to loss or theft of device.

SureMDM also provides an easy and secure way for IT admins to remotely configure corporate emails on employee-owned iOS devices. 42Gears BYOD solution for iOS devices leverages Apple’s built-in privacy protections, allowing IT pros to perform daily routine tasks and protect corporate data, while retaining the native device experience.

This small but important feature has enabled Hydrauvision to continue allowing their employees to use their personal devices at work while keeping their official emails secure. Not only does it save the cost of purchasing new mobile hardware for their employees, it also ensures their workers enjoy higher sense of satisfaction and comfort at being able to use their own devices.


If you would like to implement BYOD in your workplace, secure your corporate data with 42Gears BYOD support. Ask for a demo now!

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