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How to Remotely Lock iPhone and iPad to a Single Application?

Oct 17, 2014 | 42Gears Team

If you want to setup Single Application Mode on Android devices, please look at this post.

SureMDM locks down your iPhone and iPads to run just one application in the foreground all the time. Home ButtonNotifications, and Control Center are disabled too.

Single App Mode

Here are the steps you can follow to lock your iPads and iPhones into Single Application Mode:

Note: Please make sure that you have Supervised Mode enabled on your device. Click here for the steps.

1. Download and install SureMDM Nix Agent for iOS from App Store

2. Once installed, launch SureMDM Nix Agent

3. On SureMDM Nix Welcome Screen, tap Enroll Device

4. On Enroll Device screen, select from the following two options:

SureMDM - Register

Register – If you want to use the Account ID and register manually (Account ID is sent to your registered email address after sign up)

Scan QR – Use this option if you are logged into SureMDM Web Console and want to use Device Enrollment option to scan and configure the Nix Agent

5. On Install Profile screen, tap Install

SureMDM - Profile Installed

6. Once profile installed, tap Done

7. On successful configuration, SureMDM Nix Home Screen should mention Online

SureMDM - Online

8. Now, login to SureMDM Web Console, click Profiles option on top toolbar

SureMDM Login

9. Select iOS tab and click  Add


10. On iOS MDM Profile page, give a name to the job and select Single App Mode Profile

11. Click Configure, enter following details and click Save

Lockdown Application

Single App Mode

Single App Mode - iOS

12. Once done creating iOS MDM Profile, go to SureMDM Home and select the device listed under Device List

13. Next, click Apply

Apply device

14. On Apply Job to Device prompt, select the created job and click Apply

Once done, the device will run just one application on the foreground and the users will have no access to home and external hardware buttons.

Read more about SureLock for iOS, click here

Register for a 30 days trial, click here

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