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Revisiting Single Application and Kiosk Mode for Enterprise and Personal Use

For many years, businesses have relied on self-service kiosks to increase their profit and value. As these kiosks are mostly used in self-service environments to perform predefined services without employee’s physical presence, it enhances productivity and reduces costs. However, putting dedicated kiosks everywhere as standalone devices can be quite expensive for small enterprises. Thankfully, technology…

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How to Remotely Lock iPhone and iPad to a Single Application?

If you want to setup Single Application Mode on Android devices, please look at this post. SureMDM locks down your iPhone and iPads to run just one application in the foreground all the time. Home Button, Notifications, and Control Center are disabled too. Here are the steps you can follow to lock your iPads and iPhones into Single Application Mode:…

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iPhones & iPads Single App Mode

There are times when you want to lock your iPhone’s or iPad’s screen to a single application. This is also a common request from most of our customers who use their iOS devices for business and commercial purposes. These requirements vary from locking down of iPads/iPhones for simple kiosks to transforming them into handy mobile…

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Lockdown Windows 8 and Windows 7 tablets and desktops with Single Application Mode

Applies to: Product SureLock Platform Windows 7/8 SureLock locks down your Windows 7 and Windows 8 tablets and desktop computers to allow only certain applications and programs to run.  SureLock is easy to install, configure, use and provides you a steady control on your device or system. With its arrays of features, your device or system lockdown…

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