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How to Remotely Lock iPhone and iPad to a Single Application?

If you want to setup Single Application Mode on Android devices, please look at this post. SureMDM locks down your iPhone and iPads to run just one application in the foreground all the time. Home Button, Notifications, and Control Center are disabled too. Here are the steps you can follow to lock your iPads and iPhones into Single Application Mode:…

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How to Brand your iPad Kiosks using SureFox for iOS

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform iOS Version 6/6.1 When kiosks are used as part of  the business strategy, it is very important  to reflect your brand through colors, images, logos or products’ static advertisements. And when your workforce is mobile in nature and use field devices, it becomes crucial for the devices to represent you as…

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How to convert iPad into Kiosk device

Applies to: Product SureLock Platform iOS iPads are beautiful, not just by their looks but with great performance and sharp screens. The only limitation which comes across while considering them as kiosk devices is the inability to block the Home Button. SureLock helps you to put your application in kiosk mode by disabling the Home button…

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