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Easy way to play videos in Full Screen – SureVideo

Want your brand coverage in a high traffic public area? You have an information to share with the community? or you need your message to standout at a Trade Fair? Nothing can be better than through a video. For Android tablets and Android TV Sticks, SureVideo will make it possible by locking down your device…

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Disable Zoom on your webpage using Meta Tag

Sometimes Lockdown of your browsing device is incomplete without disabling zooming option.  Zooming in and out with multi-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom can be disabled using kiosk browser like SureFox however the user would still be able to zoom using ‘double-tap to zoom’ feature. And if you want your webpage to have disabled ‘double-tap to zoom’ feature, you can…

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Introducing – SureLock Lockdown for Samsung Devices

SureLock now also comes in exclusive version for Samsung devices. With the regular Lockdown features and few additional enhanced ones, it is at its most Enterprise Ready form. Lets look at what is additional new in SureLock Lockdown for Samsung. 1. Hide Android Bottom Bar – No Rooting Required. No need for Superuser Permissions for this option…

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Play Videos in Kiosk Mode using SureFox

With SureFox you can play videos on an Android device by embedding videos in an HTML file. Follow the below-mentioned steps to start playing locally stored videos using SureFox. Step 1: Save the Zipped Folder with SureFox Settings file, sample HTML file and sample video file on your desktop Step 2: Copy all the three files and save it in your device’s SD Card Root Folder Step…

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Disable Home Button on Windows 8 Tablets – SureLock

Do you want to disable Home button on Windows 8 tablet? You will learn the effective way to do it by end of this post. Windows 8 tablets apt for mobile workforce? Windows 8 is fast, touch enabled, faster to boot and has huge security improvements than previous Windows Operating Systems. Windows 8 tablets with the…

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