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Using Custom Wallpaper in SureLock to Brand Windows 8 Tablets for Business Use

abr 27, 2013 | 42Gears Team

Today, we will see how your Windows 8 tablet, even in a lockdown mode (using SureLock) can be used as a branding tool.

Why do I need to lockdown a mobile device? 

Based on a survey last year by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), it was reported that 21 percent of tablet buyers had plans to use their tablets for business. Use the tablets at the counter or use it as a kiosk, it always will works.

But again, whether a big enterprise or a small time business with mobile workforce, deployment of tablets as field tool may be more than just handing a tablet instead of a laptop. The tablets that you are giving away unguarded can be an exposed medium for accessing unwanted applications and you may be paving possibilities of your workforce’s effortless working hours. So what do you do next? The most obvious solutions would be an effective lockdown application like SureLock which blocks running of unwanted applications, allows only selective applications to run and protect the device against any setting changes.

What more can you do with SureLock Kiosk Lockdown?

You got the lockdown solution and deployed it but what if there was more that you could do with the locked device. SureLock for Windows 8 for example now allows you to customize the locked homepage making it another perfect way to brand your business equipment.

Save your company logo, advertisements or company’s values and have it as a wallpaper on the locked device. It will take your branding one step ahead.  And with efficient and clever use of this feature, for example having do’s and don’ts of the business as the SureLock homepage wallpaper, you can constantly remind your workforce about the what to do and what not which possibly will help increase efficiency of your workforce.

How do you customize wallpaper in SureLock?

1. Login with your default password – 0000

2. Tap on SureLock Settings from Main Menu

3. Tap on Wallpaper from SureLock Settings screen

4. Tap on Browse button to browse for the wallpaper

5. Tap on Done

What next with SureLock for Windows 8?

SureLock for Windows 8 is still going through a transformation and loads of new features are being added so keep a watch on this space. For additional details about SureLock for Windows 8, click here for more details.

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