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How Mobile Technology Is Helping Field Workforce Counter Business Challenges

A service technician who is out in the field require numerous tools to perform their daily tasks such as GPS device to locate customer homes, electronic calendars to access customer contacts, manage appointments and more.  There are times when they have to perform multiple activities at once which means juggling from one task to another.…

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iPhones & iPads Single App Mode

There are times when you want to lock your iPhone’s or iPad’s screen to a single application. This is also a common request from most of our customers who use their iOS devices for business and commercial purposes. These requirements vary from locking down of iPads/iPhones for simple kiosks to transforming them into handy mobile…

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Disable Home Button on Windows 8 Tablets – SureLock

Do you want to disable Home button on Windows 8 tablet? You will learn the effective way to do it by end of this post. Windows 8 tablets apt for mobile workforce? Windows 8 is fast, touch enabled, faster to boot and has huge security improvements than previous Windows Operating Systems. Windows 8 tablets with the…

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Block Applications in Windows 8 Tablets – SureLock

By end of this blog entry, you will learn how to block applications in Windows 8 tablets. What we like about Windows 8? Don’t you think that Windows 8 has good visual appeal and its touch enabled features makes it great for surfing the net to playing games? It’s dynamic desktop and Start Screen is…

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