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How SureMDM Simplifies ChromeOS App Management for IT admins

abr 03, 2024 | Harshita B

As technology continues to evolve, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud-based operating systems to streamline their operations. One such operating system is ChromeOS, developed by Google. ChromeOS offers simplicity, security, and ease of use, making it a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses, particularly in education.

In an educational institution, robust ChromeOS application management is essential for IT admins to ensure that only student-related apps are installed on devices, unwanted apps are blocked, and unauthorized downloads are restricted to prevent accidental downloading of malicious apps. However, without an MDM solution, IT admins have limited access, visibility, and control over the installed apps. This can jeopardize device security and lead to improper device usage.

ChromeOS Application Management with SureMDM

SureMDM, with its robust application management features, enables IT admins to efficiently regulate app installations and ensure compliance with usage policies for ChromeOS devices. Here’s how: 

  • Configure Application Policy:

    With SureMDM, IT admins can curate a set of apps to be installed on user devices from Google Play Store or Chrome Web Store. Admins can deploy the enterprise apps on multiple devices and install them silently. 
  • Allowlist and Blocklist Apps:

    IT admins can create allowlists and blocklists for apps, providing precise control over the installation and usage of apps on ChromeOS devices. This ensures that only validated applications are installed, enhancing device security.
  • Configure App and Extension Policy:

    Looking for granular control in managing app installations? The App and Extension policy can help you with this. Admins can choose to allow or block app types and sources, control app installs from external extensions, and even block app installs based on their permission requirements. 

For instance, if an app requires scan or messaging permission, admins can set blocks to prevent its download, ensuring adherence to security policies and correct device use. 

SureMDM goes beyond just app management. Admins can customize the Chrome Web Store Homepage on managed devices, fostering a positive user experience while ensuring alignment with organizational preferences. Additionally, admins can control the publishing of private apps by device users, enhancing compliance with organizational regulations and overall device security.


By leveraging SureMDM ChromeOS Application Management capabilities (such as curating apps from PlayStore or Chrome Web store, configuring app extensions, creating app allowlists and blocklists), IT administrators can enhance security, and simplify app distribution on their fleet of ChromeOS devices.
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