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15-Year Recap of Digital Transformation Success with 42Gears – Healthcare

Mai 22, 2024 | 42Gears Team

When it comes to implementing digital transformation initiatives, convenience and experience are key driving factors for businesses today. Healthcare is one such industry that has seen widespread changes through digital transformation initiatives, and implementing innovative technologies, like Mobile Device Management (MDM), have played a key part in streamlining healthcare operations and enhancing patient experiences. 

In this blog, we will take a closer look at how the healthcare industry evolved, the challenges our healthcare customers faced in achieving their digital transformation objectives, and the solutions we provided to overcome them. 

How Digital Transformation Changed the Healthcare Industry

Two decades back, administering healthcare involved the patient consulting a medical practitioner in a clinic or a hospital. Patient records were stored in physical files and could only be viewed by doctors at the time of consultation. Surgical treatments were a lengthy (and often risky) procedure that involved a lengthy recovery period as well. 

Today, it’s different. Patients can book their appointments online, consult with their doctors through telemedicine applications, view their records virtually through an app, avail prescriptions virtually, and in some cases, even schedule surgical treatments in a medical facility that offer same-day discharges. The entire process of diagnosis, treatment, and discharge has shrunk tremendously, and this can be attributed to digital transformation initiatives, and the increased usage of devices and peripherals.  

Breakthrough technologies like m-Health, wearables, Internet of Medical Things, and AI-assisted robotic surgery are a few examples of why healthcare has significantly improved, become more accessible and precise. 

How MDM Helped Healthcare Providers Tackle New Challenges

For both patients and medical practitioners, digital experiences are now delivered through mobile devices, tablets and wearables. Patient information, diagnostic reports, biometric data and health indicators have also been digitized and accessed through devices. 

Since 2008, the adoption of EHRs among US office-based physicians have doubled, from 44% to 88%. In 2021, 4 out of 5 US physicians have adopted a certified EHR. This trend can be observed on a global scale with more healthcare providers implementing digital initiatives to enhance their patient experiences. 

However, implementing new technologies in a healthcare environment can bring their fair share of challenges, especially in terms of managing and troubleshooting large fleets of devices across different locations, and ensuring sensitive data (like patient records) are secured from data breaches and unauthorized access. Healthcare providers also need to ensure they comply with data privacy regulations, like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions have played a huge part in enabling digital transformation for the healthcare industry. By simplifying operations, boosting workforce productivity, ensuring regulatory compliance and safeguarding sensitive information, MDM solutions, like SureMDM, are now a necessity for healthcare providers in securing and managing their devices. 

The Impact of 42Gears Solutions On The Healthcare Industry

As one of the first pioneers in MDM technologies, 42Gears has a rich history of empowering healthcare providers to overcome their unique operational challenges. Each challenge presented us with an opportunity to develop our offerings, and this helped us remain at the forefront of MDM innovation.

Today, our comprehensive, feature-rich, multi-OS MDM offerings have a proven track record of streamlining operations, improving patient care and engagement, and enhancing data privacy and security. 

Here are a few instances of how 42Gears helped healthcare service providers address their unique requirements:

1. Escos Automation

Escos Automation, a technology provider for geriatric services, faced multiple challenges in securing, monitoring, and managing its fleet of tablets. 

42Gears implemented SureMDM, which provided Escos Automation with a platform to remotely manage and troubleshoot all of their tablets. One of the key benefits reported by Escos Automation was the ability to remotely update their tablets without disrupting their user experience.

2. HomeMD Housecall Services

HomeMD Housecall Services faced challenges when it came to effectively administering remote consultation and home-based care to their patients. Even though the company provided tablets to stay in touch with their patients, they faced challenges in restricting access to entertainment apps, which disrupted the quality of their healthcare services. 

To help HomeMD Housecall Services tackle the challenge of restricting access to certain applications, 42Gears implemented SureLock for restricting access to permitted applications, and SureMDM for managing their devices. SureMDM also offered remote access capabilities for troubleshooting faulty tablets, and facilitated teleconferencing sessions with patients securely. 

3. CareClick

CareClick deployed Samsung tablets for their internal IT team and for their doctors. CareClick needed an MDM solution that helped secure sensitive information on their Samsung tablets, and troubleshoot their tablets without any delay. 

42Gears implemented SureMDM to secure and troubleshoot their tablet remotely, and SureLock to ensure their CareClick’s employees access permitted applications only, and convert their tablets to single-use kiosks. SureMDM lets CareClick monitor and repair devices remotely, while SureLock lets CareClick ensure its devices function as dedicated single-use kiosks.

4. CuraTec

CuraTec wanted to digitize certain aspects of their nursing home infrastructure by introducing tablets for seniors and locking them down to permitted applications. If any of these devices malfunctioned, CuraTec wanted to replace their existing on-site support with a solution that could provide remote support. CuraTec also needed a solution that could help them track misplaced or lost devices.

42Gears helped CuraTec tackle its challenges by implementing device management and device lockdown capabilities through SureMDM and SureLock. SureMDM helped CuraTec’s IT team to effectively monitor, manage, and track their devices through the SureMDM central console. CureTec was also able to leverage SureMDM for remote troubleshooting issues with their devices. With SureLock, CuraTec was able to enable Kiosk mode on their devices, allowing senior patients to access only permitted content, and avoid risky and malicious applications. 

To learn more about our customer success in the healthcare industry, check out our case study page and select ‘Healthcare’ from the Industry dropdown menu. 

Why Healthcare Providers Trust 42Gears

Customer-centricity is key for 42Gears. 

For healthcare providers, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution may not be the best approach to cater to today’s patient demands. This is why our solutions have been specifically developed to provide businesses with the flexibility to add custom features that are critical in addressing unique challenges. 

  • Compliance with HIPAA:

    42Gears solutions, like SureMDM and SureLock, help our healthcare customers comply with HIPAA, ensuring EHRs and sensitive patient information are safeguarded at all times. 
  • Provision, manage, and troubleshoot devices across different medical facilities:

    With SureMDM, our customers have access to their devices through a central console that helps monitor and manage them. By supporting all major mobile device operating systems, like Android, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, SureMDM empowers healthcare providers to secure and manage their fleet of devices effectively, leading to a disruption-free experience for patients and practitioners. 
  • Diagnostics and reporting:

    SureMDM provides IT admins the platform to generate reports on device usage and perform diagnostics, ensuring all devices are functional at the time of a medical emergency. 
  • Support and maintenance:

    Our technical support team is one of the reasons why many healthcare providers trust us. By providing timely and accurate resolutions for technical issues, our support team is always available for our customers at all times, from any location. 

Our Future with the Healthcare Industry 

The healthcare industry will continue to implement new digital transformation initiatives, and as a result, our MDM offerings will continue to evolve! We have supported our healthcare customers at critical stages of their digital transformation journeys, and we will continue to help them address their unique challenges by accommodating custom feature requests. 

Our solutions have a proud history of securing healthcare devices, protecting sensitive information, and empowering IT teams with the tools to diagnose and troubleshoot issues remotely. It’s been a great journey so far, and we’re ready to empower the next generation of healthcare providers.

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